Australia's recycling dilemma

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Australia has a burgeoning recycling dilemma.

Ever since China last year announced a coming ban on importing waste products for re-manufacture in order to assist its own recycling industry, Australians have had their heads buried in the sand.

Well, we were warned.

Now, it seems, the reality of the ban is starting to bite.  Our recyclables are worthless.  Nobody can afford to work for nothing.

The usual recycle businesses that buy cardboard, paper and plastic bottles now can’t sell them, so they no longer want to buy them.

They can’t afford to pay for more.   In fact, they don’t even want any more, period.

Their business model has collapsed.

They cannot sell them, they cannot afford to store them, nor can they find a way to dispose of them without charge.

Today, I had an interesting experience.

The usual van load of carefully segregated and flattened cardboard, along with separated polystyrene, was redirected to the landfill skips, instead of to the recycle centre.   We’re full.   Nobody will take it, I was told.

So, this puts a whole new perspective on the REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE saying that we have all been living by.

Suddenly, the recycle part is landfill.

Makes you think about the other options

Do we really need to buy filtered tap water in plastic bottles?

Could we bring our own washable mugs to the espresso machine, instead of using plastic-lined paper cups once only?

If we really look around, this is not the only example of societal collapse of our own doing.

How long will we tolerate looking at the symptoms before doing something substantial about it?

Just some thoughts.

It’s Saturday night, and we should be out dancing.  Just saying.

Keen to hear your comments.  .  .  .


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