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Chop power bills with this !

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GoodWe ES5048 inverter

Power bill out of control?  Stop being a victim.

Protect yourself and take control.  Here’s the details


Reduce peaks in your daily power use with this economic hybrid inverter, by supplementing big loads at different times, from your batteries, instead of the grid.  

Your solar panels will cover the base loads, this irons out the rest.

Automatically recharge your batteries from the sun, when power loads decrease, ready for the next peaks.

See the details here, or contact us below, and we can explain the benefits […]

How to get maximum heat from a Wood Stove Fan

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For maximum stove fan efficiency

How can I get the maximum amount of heat from my Wood Stove Fan?


That is so easy.

Remember how the Wood Stove Fan works?

It works from the difference in heat between the base of the fan, which sits on the hot stove surface, and the cooling fins at the top, which are cooled by air flow, and keep the cool side of the thermo-electric plate cooler.

So, to generate more power and to get the fan to spin faster, place the fan at least 100 mm […]

Solar Air Heater kills it!

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Back of SAM module

Yes!  Kill the cold, damp feeling inside the house!


Latest installation of a SAM solar air heater on the roof of a house in the middle of a large forest, demonstrated that in the middle of winter, this device provides fresh air at 33 degrees into the house.   The warm air heats the thermal mass in the house, making it feel comfortable day and night.

The point is, that by installing this modular air heater on your house, you can have a warm and snug home, in any environment, without paying for the cost of heating, or […]

World Environment Day Festival at Cotton Tree this Sunday

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world environment day 2017

es!  It’s world Environment Day Festival this coming Sunday at Cotton Tree Park in Maroochydore, from 10am.

Come and join in the fun – It’s free !

See us at site number R7

Compost toilets, ventilators, solar panels, pumps, inverters, all sorts of goodies.

I will be presenting at 2.30 pm some tips on “How to Cool Your Home for free”

Come and learn, and receive a free discount voucher for any ventilator you choose – valid for a year, you can use, or give to a friend!

World environment Day Festival 2017-program