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Fusion Power System with Aquion Aspen batteries

Fusion Power Systems, an Aquion Authorized Distributor in Australia, has unveiled the Titan SmartStorage, a new integrated energy storage system with Aquion’s Aspen batteries inside.    The Titan SmartStorage seamlessly incorporates Aquion’s saltwater-based Aspen batteries for a clean, safe, and cost-effective complete home solar storage system.



The Titan is:

  • Fully integrated
  • A complete “plug and play” system
  • Designed for residential use in grid-tied and off-grid applications
  • Modular for any residential system requirements

Titan SmartStorage provides energy storage that outperforms traditional battery systems and is ideal for off-grid applications, solar self-consumption, and storing solar energy for nighttime use.

The systems are modular and scalable for maximum flexibility. Fusion energy storage systems are free of toxic chemicals, 100% recyclable, noncombustible, and completely fire-safe.

Aquion batteries 48v in cabinet

Aquion batteries 48v in cabinet


Introducing the first safe and sustainable deep cycle battery.

The unique Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) battery is made from abundant, nontoxic materials.   The deep cycle battery technology contains no heavy metals or toxic chemicals and is non-flammable and non-explosive, resulting in the cleanest and safest batteries for your home or business.
Aquion’s Aspen product is optimized for daily deep cycling for residential solar, green architecture, off-grid and micro-grid, telecom towers, energy management, and grid-scale applications.   It’s high-performance, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective technology delivers reliability and value for customers.

Aspen batteries are the first and only in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™, an esteemed quality mark for products made from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

The chemistry is composed of a saltwater electrolyte, manganese oxide cathode, carbon titanium phosphate composite anode, and synthetic cotton separator. The battery utilizes non-corrosive intercalation reactions at the anode and cathode. See how we compare to lithium ion and lead acid.

Aquion battery construction

Available in 48-volt and 24-volt models, Aspen home batteries are modular building blocks that can be configured for a wide range of battery bank sizes.


Ask here – to get a quote for full installation.

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