Kennel Ventilator with light.

Solar Dog Kennel Ventilator with light.

Is your dog’s kennel uncomfortably hot during the day?

Does the kennel get smelly, due to poor air circulation?

Why does your dog feel like it’s just not a comfortable place to rest?

Reward your pet with this unique, specially designed, stainless steel air ventilator.

Totally silent – no noise at all.

Doesn’t create an annoying draft, just quietly removes the stale or heated air – about 300 litres per minute.

It is so easy to fit, anyone who can cut a hole can install it.

It needs no electrical connections, and runs for free, 24 hours a day, from solar power.

And it’s tough, good quality, and made from stainless steel – you won’t ever need to replace it.

Dog kennel solar ventilator

Dog kennel solar ventilator

Dog kennel solar ventilator

Dog kennel solar ventilator

It even has a light!

Sometimes, even during the day, a kennel can be quite dark inside, and uninviting.

Is that any way to treat man’s best friend?

So why not provide a “reading light” for your favourite pet?

You can easily switch it on or off from the outside, using the long cord provided, or maybe you can even teach the dog to do it?


LED light on kennel ventilator

LED kennel light comes fitted to solar kennel ventilator

The rechargeable battery inside the ventilator is big enough to run both the fan and light all night, and recharges automatically the following day.

Price is just $235 complete.  (10% discount applies to all online orders for this product)

Order your Kennel Ventilator here for fast delivery:


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