Latronics Battery back-up

Latronics Battery back-up system.


The Latronics Solution

latronics back up inverter set up

Latronics has a unique system, well-used in many grid-back-up installations whereby the grid inverter operates on low voltage dc, allowing the simple installation of 48v or 96v battery bank, and a stand-by inverter that automatically takes over to power the load, if the grid fails.

As the batteries can always accept charge from the solar panels, the house load has the benefit of automatically using the solar-generated power, even during times of a power black-out.

An additional advantage of this system is that dc wind generators or water turbines can be added to the grid-feed electricity system.

Solazone usually supplies the Latronics back-up inverters with automatic change-over switches included, so there is seamless transfer of power, and simplified ac wiring that is not confusing.  The diagram above shows a basic outline of this type of system.

Latronics PVE1200 Grid inverter

Latronics PVE1200 Grid inverter

Latronics battery back-up inverters

Latronics battery back-up inverters

The diagram below demonstrates how easy it is to add other forms of renewable energy input to this system.

Lactronic solution diagram

Latronics Conversion kits : – add to your existing Latronics-powered grid solar power system,


Back-up Inverter SizeBattery
Prices April 2014
600 watt
100 Ahr @ 48v$2900
100 Ahr @ 96v$3850
1200 watt100 Ahr @ 48v$3550
100 Ahr @ 96v$4375
1800 watt100 Ahr @ 48v$4000
100 Ahr @ 96v$4850
2500 watt100 Ahr @ 48v$4700
100 Ahr @ 96v$5465
3500 watt100 Ahr @ 96v$6100

Included are :   sealed batteries (in an enclosure), safety fuses, regulator, stand-by inverter and automatic change-over switch (in a control cabinet), wires and safety labels.   We can arrange installation, or use your electrician.


Latronics stand-alone grid back-up kits :

Supplied with their own solar panels.   Compatible with all brands of Grid Inverters, add more solar panels if the night time load is high.  Kits designed for emergency use, or small nightly loads. (eg tv and lights)

 Back-up inverter
Solar PowerPrices April 2014
 600 watt.100 Ahr @ 48v400 watt$3550
 1200 watt.100 Ahr @ 48v400 watt$4200
 1800 watt.100 Ahr @ 48v400 watt$4650
 25oo watt.100 Ahr @ 48v400 watt$5350
 3500 watt.100 Ahr @ 48v400 watt$6750

We include solar panels, frame, batteries (in enclosure), safety fuses, regulator, inverter and automatic change-over switch in a control cabinet, wires and safety labels.     We can arrange installation, or use your own electrician.


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