Mass Energy Storage System

Mass Energy Storage System

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ME 3000SP

ME 3000SP is designed to retrofit for all existing PV grid-connected systems.

MASS energy storage inverter

Simple and Reliable

Exchange energy via the electrical grid, no coupling with the PV inverter, mature technology, simple and reliable.
Can integrate with all grid-tied renewable systems, including solar, wind, fuel cell etc.


Easy installation

  • Compatible with all existing grid-tied PV inverters
  • No need to upgrade the distribution system
  • Uses a split-core CT, no need to disconnect the electrical grid at all.


Operates when the grid fails

  • Supports the stand alone mode (like UPS),
  • Ensures the safe operation of the critical load


Flexible discharging solution

  • Flexible charge/discharge management according to local policy, ensures max revenue.
  • Provides a full solution for energy consumers to maximise the use of their generated solar energy
  • Increases self-consumption rate (from 20% to 70%).
  • User-adjustable battery charging current suits different types of batteries.


Mass installation diagram

Multiple Modes

  • Supports stand-alone mode (like UPS), ensures the safe operation of critical loads.
  • Programmable multiple operations modes: grid-tie, off-grid, and grid-tie with back-up.

MASS specifications


Available now.   Price:   $1575


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