Frost Protection Valves

Frost Protection Valves for solar panels

Reliable frost protection for solar hot water services

Do not risk losing one or more of your solar collectors from a random frost.

Buy reliable, top quality, American-made frost valves to ensure frost protection.

Ftek solar panel frost valve

Ftek solar panel frost valve

Do you realise how many hundreds of dollars damage a single frost can cause to your solar water heater collectors?    Going unprotected can cause major inconvenience, as well as losing all your stored hot water, once the frost has thawed.   Simple installation of this device can mean the difference between a major disaster, and trouble-free operation.

How does it work?

In cold, frosty weather, the frost valve opens when the roof temperature drops to about 3 or 4 degrees, allowing water that would normally freeze inside the exposed solar collector, to be discharged and replaced with warmer fluid coming from within the system.   When the warmer temperature water is detected by the thermal actuator within the frost valve, it will automatically close the valve and stop the discharge.     This cycle will repeat as often as is necessary, usually overnight,  to prevent freezing.   The amount of fluid discharged depends on ambient air temperature, and the fluid temperature.   The system is functioning properly when fluid is being discharged from the valve, in near freezing conditions.  (About 3 to 4 degrees). 

Will I lose a lot of water?

Typically, the frost valve will only discharge a small trickle of water, for a few minutes.   As soon as the warmer water is detected, the frost valve shuts.   This action may occur several times on a really cold night, but isn’t losing a few litres of water occasionally, much better than replacing solar collectors?   

What makes it work? 

We stock replacement frost protection valves, as originally supplied by many manufacturers, for many years.    The quality solar panel frost protection valves are made of brass, and have been found to be the most reliable, with a long service life.   These frost valves have been successfully used over many years to protect thousands of solar water collectors from occasional mild frosts.   The valves have a 3/4″ male BSP thread for easy fitting.   Adaptors and special fittings are available to suit different manufacturers’ panels, if required.   This type of freeze protection valve uses a reliable, non-electric, self-contained paraffin wax thermal actuator, which automatically responds to temperature fluctuations.

Features and Benefits.

  • Easy installation.
  • No noise, no power use
  • Protects all water-filled solar systems
  • Drains freezing water only when there is frost
  • Energy and water saving
  • Very long life


Price : $178 each

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