Mobile Solar Hot Water

Mobile Home & Caravan Solar Hot Water System


Solar hot water is now available to mobile home, house boat and caravan owners.

Compact, light and easy to install,  Solar-Mio can provide hot water requirements for anyone requiring efficient, FREE hot water where ever they travel.   The “Solar On The Move” system is supplied complete with a slim-line collector (400  x 1880 mm), mounting brackets, pump, controller, valves, fittings, and 6 metres of flexible flow and return pipes.

One solar collector is recommended for hot water storage tanks up to 60 litres.

Small mobile home hot water storage tanks are available as required from plumbing stores, but are not supplied as part of the Solar Mio kit.


1870 x 390 x 70 mm solar collector

Solar Mio slim mobile solar collector


The Solar Mio mobile solar hot water system kit has a mini solar panel, suitable for mounting in caravans, buses and camper vans.

The Mobile Solar System kit comes with:
One  solar collector (1880mm  X  400mm  X  70mm)
12 volt solar pump and controller unit with sensor leads,
pipe fittings and blanking discs for the solar collector,
non return valve,
6m of multilayer flexible insulated pipe,
Two multilayer pipe to 1/2″ bsp adaptors,
Installation schematics.

 The pallet size for transporting the Mobile Solar System – It is packed on a long narrow pallet 1900mm L  X  460mm W  X  500mm High and weighs approx. 50 kg.

The control system and circulation pump may be ordered as standard 12 volts dc, or for 240 volts ac.

Complete Solar Mobile System Prices July 2016

 Complete Solar Mobile system 12 volt (50l tank supplied) $??
 Complete Solar Mobile system 240 volt (50l tank supplied) $??
 Solar Mio mobile add-on system 12 volt (no tank supplied) $2230
 Solar Mio mobile add-on system 240 volt (no tank supplied) $2230

Delivery time: 2 – 4 weeks after ordering.

Separate Parts Available

80 litre stainless steel tank designed to suit
Glass lined (enamel) 50 litre tank (1000w back-up element)
Extra Solar Mio Mobile solar collector with mounting brackets$615
Five way fitting, for connecting to an existing tank $155
Non-return valve, low pressure $38
Circulation pump, 240 volt Grundfos 15/14B $399
Solar temperature controller for 240v pump $299
Circulation pump, 12 volt DC, with temperature controller $520
12 volt Solar panel to directly drive the pump $80
Expansion Tank 12 litre$140


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