Ecosun Solar Pool Heating Panels

Ecosun Solar Pool Heating Panels


Solazone specialise in swimming pool heating, and have installed solar pool heaters in Melbourne since 1983.     Heated swimming pools are used much more of the time, and our cost effective solar pool heaters are acclaimed by their owners, ranging from Victoria to the Sunshine Coast.

Ecosun solar pool heating panels

Ecosun solar pool heating panels

Pool solar heating takes various forms, and we supply a wide range of solar pool equipment, components and parts. We can show you how to heat a pool or spa in any climate conditions. Do you want a do-it-yourself kit, with easy-to-understand instructions, or a fully-fitted, complete automatic solar heating pool system, working on your roof, within a week or two? Just let us know how we can help.

Aquatherm Industries offers efficient solar-powered pool heaters of exceptional quality that have been heating pools for more than 30 years.   Their swimming pool heaters are currently operating throughout the U.S. and in dozens of countries around the world, providing their owners with luxurious warm water in many cases all year long.

Energy-efficient, Trouble-free

Aquatherm’s versatile products, exemplified by the flagship Ecosun Solar Pool Heating System, can be customized to fit any customer’s needs. These systems are suitable for residential in-ground and above ground pool heating, as well as commercial pool heating solutions for apartment complexes, hotels and other public settings.   To ensure satisfaction, we provide ongoing customer service and support.

The Ecosun Solar Pool Heating System meets or exceeds certification criteria for the following accredited independent laboratories and agencies:

  • Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
  • DOE – Bright Way Program
  • Int’l Assoc. of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
  • Metro-Dade County
  • City of Los Angeles
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)

The Ecosun Solar Pool Heating Collector, with its patented vented web and unique fluted surface design, is the most advanced swimming pool solar heater on the market today.

Which size best suits your roof ?


The system is robust, possum and cockatoo proof, easy to assemble and economical compared with other available systems.

 ECOSUN is made using a specially-formulated blend of polypropylene that has been pre-compounded with antioxidants to prevent UV degradation.  By using pre-compounded plastic resin, we can ensure an even distribution of these antioxidants throughout the entire solar panel.  This is where other manufacturers cut corners use a “salt-and-pepper” approach, mixing concentrated antioxidant resin pellets in with natural polypropylene pellets and relying on their manufacturing process to blend the two.

The true benchmark for dependability is durability, and the highest standard for recreational aquatic equipment is the National Sanitation Foundation’s Standard 50 (NSF-50).  ECOSUN is manufactured by Aquatherm Industries, Inc. – one of only two company’s in the world to have met the strict safety, durability, and toxicity criteria required to be listed NSF-50.

Do-it-yourself kits – how many panels do you need? 

Pool Size (sqm area)242832405060
3.05 x 1.2 solar panels678111416
3.66 x 1.2 solar panels56791114
4.25 x 1.2 solar panels56681012
4.85 x 1.2 solar panels4567810

So, wanting a warm pool, with strong panels that don’t leak or blow loose on the roof?  

Provide us with the pool and roof details, your contact number and email address. 

We will do the rest.

Kits available for your pool – what is the pool size?   

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