Evacuated tube Swimming Pool Heating

Evacuated-tube Solar Heating for Swimming Pools

Solar Heat your pool in summer and in winter.    Swim all year round*

swimming pool evacuated tubes

Evacuated tube solar collector for pool heating & hydronic heating

  • Maximum performance – Heat pipe has up to 50% more efficiency than a flat plate collector, and U tube has almost double.
  • Works in all climates, including a wintery, overcast day.
  • Easy to install – Split system provides solar heating with no storage tank needed.
  • Instant heating for pool water, with possible gas or electric boosting at night.
  • Long life materials, maintenance free.
  • Designed to withstand extreme frost conditions, using the closed loop system.
  • AS/NZ Standards accredited and generous government rebates available.


evacuated-tube-pool-heater melbourne

Two 60 tube evacuated tube pool heaters being installed on tile roof in Melbourne


How does evacuated tube solar heating work ?

Solar water heating is a renewable and reliable energy technology.

When sunlight strikes the selective surface within the solar collector, the absorber draws maximum heat from the sun.  Either a heat-transfer fluid, or pure water, flows through the copper U tubes, or heat pipes, and picks up the heat from absorber.   The heated water can then be either stored in an insulated tank until needed later, or collected via a heat exchanger and put directly in the swimming pool.

The Solar Evacuated Tube pool heating system is a ‘pumped’ solar system that circulates pure water, or a heat-transfer fluid (in frosty areas) through the solar collector.   The heat is then stored in a ground-mounted storage tank for later use, or sent directly to the swimming pool, via a heat exchanger.   This is necessary to protect the solar collectors from corrosion due to chlorine and chemicals found in any swimming pool.

What is an Evacuated Glass Solar Tube?

Inside and outside tubes are made from extremely strong borosilicate glass that are fused together to form a vacuum between two tubes.

1. Outer Tube – Allows the sun’s rays to pass through with minimal reflection

2. Inner Tube – Special selective coating on the outside of the tube contributes the highest thermal efficiency and good thermal stability

3. Evacuated Space – Stops heat loss / emission to outside of the glass tube, making these collectors particularly effective during cold and cloudy weather

4. Selective Surface – Absorbs the maximum solar radiation to convert into heat efficiently

5. Cylindrical Shape – Sun’s rays are perpendicular to the absorber for most of the day

6. Fin – Transfers the heat to copper tube without heat loss

7. Copper Conduction Tube – Passes the heat to the water / fluid inside the copper tube

8. Barium Layer – Actively absorbs the air to maintain the vacuum between the two tubes


How does it work?

The sun’s rays pass through the outer tube, and perpendicularly strike the absorber surface on the outside of the inner glass tube. The selective surface absorbs maximum solar radiation and converts it into heat very efficiently.   Because the sunlight is perpendicular to the absorber tubes almost all of the day, the sun’s energy is absorbed and transferred very efficiently.    The insulation formed by the vacuum space between the outer and inner tubes minimises heat losses to the outside, whilst allowing almost all the sun’s energy to reach the copper tube inside the inner glass tube.


Solar Collector Performance


Swimming pool 60 tube Evacuated tube Solar Collectors

60 tube solar pool heating collector

60 tube solar pool heating collector

These 60-tube evacuated tube solar collectors operate as a low pressure collector, suitable for heating up large volumes of water.

The collector features 60 highly efficient glass vacuum solar collectors with a combined surface area of 4.8 sqm.    It is suitable for heating pools of up to 20,000 litres.    For larger pools there are upgrade kits that include additional 60 tube solar collectors, and a bigger size circulation pump.

Dimensions and weight are here:  specifications-of-swimming-pool-solar-collector


Swimming pool Titanium Heat Exchangers


Installed heat exchanger

Installed heat exchanger

Titanium Heat Exchangers suitable for Swimming pools , Marine and Industrial Heating uses are necessary with this technology to protect the sensitive collector manifolds from rapid corrosion from the corrosive pool chemicals.     They are available in a range of sizes from 16kw to 1760kw.    These are absolutely necessary to prevent the chlorinated swimming pool water from corroding the evacuated tube manifold system.    For this reason the evacuated tube water needs to be kept separate from the swimming pool water.

titanium heat exchanger for pool

titanium heat exchanger for pool

Titanium heat exchanger

Maximum operating temperature: 208°C
Maximum operating Temperature: 1.3mpa


Top up Tanks

Essential to keep the fluid level topped up in the solar collector low pressure circuit, and as a receptacle for unwanted steam or expansion water.

Must be installed at the highest point on the collector circuit.

Top up tank


Swimming pool heater Prices (February 2017)

Up to 20,000 litres60 Evacuated tube solar collector, mounting frames, titanium heat exchanger and automatic top-up tank, installation  kit  $2900Totals$2900
Add pump & control systemAutomatic temperature control system, with temperature read-outs, including matched high temperature circulation pump and swimming pool heating pump, with flo check valve.    $1550$4540
For 40,000 litre pools, add one upgrade kitAdditional 60 tube solar collector kit, with mounting frames and plumbing connections, and a larger capacity heat exchanger and upgraded pump.    $1960$6500
For 60,000 litre pools, add two upgrade kitsTwo additional 60 tube solar collector kits, with mounting frames and plumbing connections, and a larger capacity heat exchanger and upgraded pump.    $3560$8100
For 80,000 – 100,000 litre pools, add three upgrade kitsThree additional 60 tube solar collector kits, with mounting frames and plumbing connections, and a larger capacity heat exchanger and upgraded pump.    $5160$9700
For 100,000 litre pools in colder climate areas, add four upgrade kits. (cold climates only)Four additional 60 tube solar collector kits, with mounting frames and plumbing connections, and a larger capacity heat exchanger and upgraded pump.     $6760$11300
   All kit prices include GST.   Freight, pipework and installation are not included.


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