Concorde SunXtender Batteries

SunXtender AGM Batteries

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Sealed Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery technology –

the electrolyte remains liquid and is absorbed in a micro fibrous glass mat.

The Sun-Xtender range of batteries have been developed especially for use in solar and wind applications, where long life, deep cycling, low internal resistance, superior charge acceptance and energy density are required.

Unlike the Gel type batteries which have a highly viscous silica gel electrolyte mixture, SUN-XTENDER batteries outperform gel batteries by reducing the time required for recharging.   This is a result of reduced electrolyte viscosity resulting in faster gas recombination.

By design, the SUN-XTENDER produce less than 1% hydrogen gas under extreme overcharge conditions at elevated temperatures.

For flammability, a concentration of at least 4.1% is required, making these batteries ideal for use in confined applications or equipment enclosures.

Additionally, the tightly packed plate construction provides a very high degree of shock and vibration resistance, making the product ideal for mobile applications.


  • Copper alloy terminals for improved electrical connections.
  • Threaded insert terminals are recessed to prevent short circuits.
  • Flat top design with no protruding vents.
  • Reinforced container walls to prevent bulging.
  • High impact strength polypropylene case.
  • Completely sealed, valve regulated construction.
  • Non-spillable, immobilised electrolyte.
  • Maintenance free – never needs watering.
  • AGM separators retain electrolyte and allow the battery to be mounted on its side.
  • Low self discharge rate – approx 1% per month.
  • Operates over a wide temperature range (- 40 degC to 72 degC).
  • Classified as a “non-spillable battery” for transportation.

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A/hr @ C100
L x W x H mm
PVX-340T12 volt38 Ahr11 kg196 x 132 x 175
PVX-690T12 volt77 Ahr22.7 kg260 x 172 x 277
PVX-890T12 volt100 Ahr27.7 kg328 x 172 x 228
PVX-1040T12 volt118 Ahr29.5 kg306 x 172 x 227
PVX-2120L12 volt250 Ahr61.2 kg528 x 222 x 266
PVX-2240T6 volt260 Ahr30.0 kg261 x 181 x 260
PVX-5340T2 volt612 Ahr28.2 kg328 x 171 x 228
PVX-6480T2 volt756 Ahr31.8 kg328 x 171 x 228

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The Sun Xtender carries a one year full replacement warranty (from date of installation)

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