Latronics battery charger

Latronics 5 stage intelligent battery charger

latronics 5 stage battery chargerLatronics fully automatic battery charger is suitable for most charging applications. The microprocessor controlled intelligent charger has 2 major benefits compared with conventional chargers.

Accurate 5 stage charging allows maximum charge into your batteries to minimize charge time, while additional sensitive charging cycles protect your investment by extending battery life.

Higher efficiency with synchronous rectification, instead of using standard diodes in the rectification process, low loss Mosfets are used to minimize internal losses. This wasted energy would normally be dissipated as heat, however, with synchronous rectification your charger runs cooler and requires less power to operate.

Nominal DC Voltage12V24V
Charge Current Continuous30A15A
Equivalent RMS Current45A22A
Boost Voltage13.9 – 15.2V27.8-30.4
Absorb Voltage13.9 – 15.2V27.8-30.4
Float Voltage13.0 – 14.0V26.0-28.0
Equalise Voltage14.8 – 15.4V29.6-30.8
Input Voltage240Vac +/- 5%
Input Frequency45 – 65 Hz
Operating Temperature-10ºC to +50ºC
DC to AC Isolation3500V
Battery Leads1m long with 10mm mounting lugs
Protection CircuitryOver temperature, overload/short-circuit, reverse polarity
Dimensions260 mm x 160 mm x 100 mm
ChassisPowder coated aluminium
Warranty2 years
StandardsAS/NZS 60335.1, AS/NZS 60335.2.29, AS3100, EN55014 & C-tick
Prices May 2014$780 for 12 or 24 volt model

Ratings @ 25 deg. nominal battery voltage and unity power factor

Due to constant improvements specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



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