Solar Roof Ventilators (old)

Solar Roof Ventilators (old)


– strong and durable, designed for Australia.

Is your home hot and uncomfortable during hot weather?

Can you feel heat radiating down from the ceiling ?

Does heat build-up in the room ?

Discover Australia’s most effective method of quietly cooling your home, for free!

Solar roof ventilator on tile roof

Solar Ventilators quietly remove the heat from your roof or ceiling space, all day, every day, starting from first light.   This completely eliminates heat build-up, and stops heat radiating down into the house from the ceiling.   This makes the rooms feel cooler.

Secondly, if a ceiling vent is installed, the solar ventilator can draw the hottest air out of the room below, lowering the temperature in the room, and providing more comfort. This can save you a bundle in air conditioning cost, with reduced running time.

  • Removes heat from your home, garage, office, factory, warehouse or loft.
  • Effective solution for any built-up heat problems.
  • Powered by the sun, so cools the building during the time it is heating up.
  • The brighter the sunlight, the better it works.
  • Costs nothing at all to run.
  • Quietly removes heat without motor noise, or rattles.
  • Thermostatically controlled, to retain the winter warmth.
  • No noises or disturbances from the roof on windy nights.


What is a solar ventilator?


Section view of solar ventilator

Sectional view of a solar ventilator

Great for houses, garages, commercial buildings, offices, factories, warehouses, schools, gyms, nursing homes, holiday cabins, beach houses, caravans & indoor swimming pools.


How does a solar ventilator work?

 Watch a short video here explaining how they work

Diagram showing how solar ventilator cools the roof space

Solar ventilator used to cool the roof space with eave vents.


  • Expels heat and ventilates the roof space, without power bills or carbon emissions.
  • Draws cooler replacement air from outside, or from the ceiling of rooms inside the house.


Diagram showing how solar ventilator cools the living space

Solar ventilator cooling the living space, as well as the roof space.

  • Solar Powered  – Increases comfort, without any running cost – Save hundreds of dollars in energy costs
  • Able to reduce conventional Air Conditioning costs, and live in a fresher air environment.

If you use a roof-mounted ducted air conditioning system, a solar ventilator can dramatically increase the efficiency of that system, by cooling the roof space, and the air conditioner won’t work so hard.

 Solar ventilator on cathedral ceiling

Solar ventilator on cathedral ceiling


Comparison of solar ventilators with wind ventilators

  • Solar Ventilators extract more than 10 times the amount of hot air than a wind-driven Whirlybird.
  • The smallest Solar ventilator can remove 10-15 times more hot air than a standard whirlybird, and the larger models remove up to 40% more air than that.
  • The difference in the cooling effect is remarkable.   Ask anyone who has made the change.  The solar ventilator runs hardest when the sun is out, regardless of whether there is any breeze or not.
  • Solar ventilators don’t make noise and cause drafts during windy nights.
  • Solar ventilators extract the hot air fast, exactly when the heat needs extracting – that is, when the sun is shining!   Because of this, they run all day, and the roof space never gets to heat up.



Roof mounted – adjustable solar panel.

Solar Whiz 2100RAF heat extractor fan

Solar panel adjusts to any angle

Solar whiz installed on a metal roof

Solar ventilator installed on south facing metal roof



These are suitable for all roof types, and the solar panel can be adjusted to face the preferred direction and angle.









Solar ventilator on metal tray roof.

SW2100RAF tiles

Solar ventilator on west-facing tile roof.

Sometimes it is best to have the solar panel mounted flat on the ventilator itself.   The latest addition to the range is the thermostatically-controlled SV3200, with the solar panel hidden in the top.  Best fitted to north-facing or west-facing roofs.

 Solar Whiz Roof-mounted ventilator prices.  July 2016

Solar Whiz RAF900 – roof mounted, adjustable 10w solar panel$665
Solar Whiz RAF1400 – roof mounted, adjustable 20w solar panel$770
Solar Whiz RAF2100 – roof mounted, adjustable 35w solar panel$945
Solar Whiz RAF3000 – roof mounted, with 50w adjustable solar panel $1750
Solar Whiz RAF4000 – roof mounted, with 75w adjustable solar panel $2100
Solar Whiz RAF7000 – roof mounted, with 100w adjustable solar panel $2450


Solazone SV3500T Roof mounted – Adjustable solar panel.

Powerful 30 watt solar panel and large 300mm fan.    Special 500mm diameter venturi throat that assists efficient and quiet air flow.    Large, strong, powder-coated steel base, ideal for strong, leak-proof installations on any type of roof.

Solazone sv3500 solar roof ventilator

Solazone sv3500 solar roof ventilator with built-in thermostat

This model is ideal for large houses, and for many commercial and industrial applications.

Waterproof installation of sv3500 solar ventilator

Waterproof installation of sv3500 solar ventilator


Solazone SV3200F Roof mounted – fixed solar panel.

Powerful 30 watt solar panel and large 300mm fan.    Straight 330mm diameter throat, and low profile for very neat appearance.    Strong, powder-coated steel base, ideal for strong, leak-proof installations on any type of metal roof.

Solazone solar ventilator sv3200f-roof

Solazone solar ventilator sv3200f on colorbond roof

This model comes already wired with thermostat.   Simple to install and no wiring to do!

SV3500 solar ventilator with flat panel

SV3200 solar ventilator with flat panel


Solazone Roof-mounted ventilator prices.  July 2016

 Solar ventilator SV3200F – roof mounted, with thermostat and flat-mounted solar panel in the top $695
 Solar ventilator SV3500T – roof mounted, with thermostat and adjustable solar panel on top  $855


Roof mounted with remote solar panel.

Sometimes it is not practical to install the solar roof ventilator where it will get full sunlight all day.   In this case you can buy a solar roof ventilator with a remote solar panel, that you can install up to 5m away.   This overcomes local shading problems, or can help when you want a lower profile, so that it is not seen.

Solar ventilator SW3000 with remote solar panel

Solar ventilator with remote panel to avoid shading


Solazone Remote-mounted solar ventilator prices. July 2016

Solar ventilator kit SW-RAF2100, with remote-mounted 35w solar panel, and 8m connecting cable$985
Adjustable thermostat$88
Ceiling vent 300mm$75


Selection Guide – 

Our range of all-metal models offer the best performance, quiet operation, and really long life.

For homes up to 22 squares, or 200 sqm.SW-RAF900
For larger homes, up to 33 squares, or 300 sqm.SW-RAF1400
For big homes, black roofs, or commercial applications – 35w solar panel moves large amounts of air.SW-RAF2100
Solar ventilator with remote 50w solar panel and 5m lead
Solar ventilator with remote 75w solar panel and 5m leadSW-RAF4000
Solar ventilator with remote 100w solar panel and 5m lead
Solar ventilator with flat, hidden solar panel, and the thermostat already wired in.
Larger 500mm diameter venturi to draw more air, big powerful fan and thermostat included.




Gable-mounted solar ventilators

Large Wall or Gable mounted – remote solar panel.

When the solar ventilator is not wanted on the roof, the Gable Mount solar ventilator may be the answer.   Installation is a simple.   Cut a hole in the wall, fit the solar ventilator fan, thermostat, and its louvred safety cover, and install the remote solar panel on a nearby roof or wall.   That’s all.   Set up and ready to go!

Solar whiz gable mount ventilator SV3000

Solar gable mount ventilator SV3000

 Dimensions:  fan 300mm, outside diameter 500mm, depth 200mm

Gable mount ventilator fan safety cover

Gable mount ventilator fan safety cover

Selection Guide

 SW1400G – Gable Mounted with remote adjustable solar panelUp to 200 sqm roof area
 SG2100 – Gable Mounted with remote adjustable solar panel
Up to 300 sqm roof area
 SG3000 -Gable Mounted with remote adjustable solar panelFor large roof spaces or black roofs
Fans are supplied with a Gable Ventilator Safety Cover  ( 22″ diameter plastic, with louvres + fly screen)



Small Wall or Gable mounted – remote solar panel.

Sometimes a smaller Solar Ventilator is all that’s required,  and the Gable Mount 10w solar ventilator model may be the answer.   Installation is a simple matter of making a hole in the gable end, fitting the solar ventilator, connecting the remote solar panel via a thermostat if needed, and it’s ready to go.  No electrician or builder is required for this.

Wall mounted extractor fan kit

Wall mounted solar extractor fans


Selection Guide

Flanged 200mm extraction fan 2010 – Flanged extractor fan kit, 10w solar panel, 10m wire, no safety vent cover, for wall-mounting behind a perforated fascia.$500
Louvered 200mm Gable extraction kit 2010 without duct – In-line 200mm extractor fan with louvered safety vent cover, 10w solar panel and frame and 10m wire.$550
Louvered 200mm Gable extraction kit 2010 with duct – In-line 200mm extractor fan with louvered safety vent cover, 10w solar panel, 10m wire, , 6m 200mm flexible insulated duct, 1m strapping, one 200mm ceiling vent & detailed instructions.$600
Louvered 150mm Gable extraction kit 1635 with duct –  150mm 16w wall mounted fan with  louvered safety vent cover, 35w solar panel with tilt adjustable frame, 10m double-insulated electrical cable, 6m insulated flexible duct, 1m strapping, 150mm ceiling vent & detailed installation instructions.$500
Louvered 300mm Gable extraction kit 2535 without duct –300mm 25w wall mounted fan with  louvered safety vent cover, 35w solar panel with tilt adjustable frame, 10m double-insulated electrical cable, 6m insulated flexible duct, 1m strapping, 150mm ceiling vent & detailed installation instructions.$800


Bushfire safety

  • Roof mounted models can be supplied with smaller grade mesh (1.5 mm openings) to comply with Bush Fire Standards.
  • Air flow is reduced by around 30%, so go up a size to get the equivalent air flow effect.

Adjustable Thermostat

  • Using the thermostat, you can control exactly when the Solar Heat Extractor will operate – only when the temperature exceeds your preset limit.
  • This means that once your set temperature is exceeded during summer, all hot air is extracted from the roof, but during winter the thermostat can be set to retain the heat, and help keep the house warm


Metal Eave Vents

Use Eave Vents to assist the direction of the air flow inside the roof space, and determine where the cooler replacement air will be coming from.  Encourage the cool air to pass over the most important parts of the house that you want to keep cool, by fitting the Eave Vents nearest to there.

Bushfire rated eave vent

Bushfire rated eave vent

Eave vents are made from galvanized steel with 1.9mm holes, to comply with Australian Standards.

We recommend installing Eave Vents when installing a solar ventilator to ensure sufficient air flow through the roof cavity.   A minimum of four eave vents should be used for each installation, one vent on each side of the house, to encourage even air flow into the roof cavity.

If the house has no eaves then an alternative needs to be found. You can use tile vents, or cowls near the corners of the houses. Remember, air behaves like people – it takes the path of least resistance – meaning that the Solar Ventilator will draw the most air from the biggest or nearest vents.  Another alternative may be to use a gable vent (if the house has a gable) as a fresh air inlet.

Alternatively, ceiling vents draw the replacement roof air from inside the house, and can also be used – and are especially effective for, double story houses – you can install a ceiling vent in the top floor ceiling.   Or if the house has a garage you can install a ceiling vent  inside the garage to improve air flow, and to cool the garage.

Gable vents are available as a vented cover for the Gable Mount Solar Whiz.  If you are installing a Gable Mount solar ventilator, you should also install the optional weather proof cover over the fan.   You will still need to install eave vents, ceiling vents, or a gable vent at the opposite gable to allow good airflow in the roof cavity.   The Gable Mount vents are paintable, so the customer may any color they like.


Adjustable Ceiling Vents

Drawing the air directly from the ceiling of rooms within a house or building, can assist in cooling the rooms, as well as cooling the roof space above.   Ceiling vents are closeable, so that when the building is being heated, they may be closed to prevent loss of heat into the ceiling space.

Adjustable ceiling vents 150mm - 300mm

Adjustable ceiling vents 150mm – 300mm

The most common use of these ceiling vents is to remove the hottest air directly from uncomfortably hot rooms, or upstairs areas of larger houses.


Nominal Diameter150 mm200 mm250 mm300mm
Width236 mm288 mm336 mm415 mm
Hole Diameter204 mm255 mm306 mm370 mm
Height (open)97 mm114 mm140 mm180 mm


Ceiling vents can also used to reduce humidity, damp, mould or mildew problems within houses.  A ceiling vent installed in the top of a cupboard, or walk-in robe, or room that is badly affected by poor air circulation, will change the room entirely.   In bad cases, a ceiling vent may need to be installed in more than one room of the house, to provide good fresh air circulation, and remove all the damp or stale air.   Installing ceiling vents can also be in addition to installing eave vents.   When installing ceiling vents, it is recommended to use a larger model solar ventilator to allow for the extra space being ventilated, as the air may be drawn from both the roof space/eave vents and from the interior of the house.

ceiling vent installation

ceiling vent installation


Night Operation

Now you can operate your solar ventilator until late, long after the sun has gone down.

The Mains power Night Operation Pack cuts in after the sun has gone down, and runs the solar ventilator from the mains all night, until the sun comes up again.  Ideal for stuffy or dusty environments that you want to clear overnight, to be nice and fresh in the morning.

This works completely automatically, and will operate the fan at any time, based only on the thermostat setting. 

Ventilator night pack

Wall-mounted ventilator night pack



Battery back-up for Night Operation

Introducing the Solar-powered Battery UPS Pack.   Comprises solar whiz ventilation fan SW2100RAF, with 200w solar panel, mounting frame,  regulator, maintenance-free battery pack and thermostat.   Solar ventilation fan can be located on any convenient roof, as the solar panel is mounted separately, on a nearby, north-facing roof.  Typically, the batteries are located on a platform inside the roof, somewhere they are not subjected to excessive heat.


Various battery back-up solutions available



 Industrial and Commercial model solar ventilators:

factory roof ventilator

Recent factory solar roof ventilator

Solar ventilators for warehouses, industrial sheds, swim schools, shops and factories.

See details of Industrial Solar Ventilators here:


Sizing Hint

Allow roughly 5 air changes per hour in the average roof space – this will normally be sufficient to keep the roof space temperature close to the outside ambient temperature.

In practice, we recommend using the most powerful model to extract the heat the fastest, and control it with a thermostat, so you determine when it runs.



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