GoodWe Hybrid Inverters

GoodWe Hybrid Inverters


Goodwe 5 kw Hybrid solar power inverter.

Intelligent 5 kw Grid inverter that supplies the house with solar power and automatically charges batteries during the day, and then preferentially uses your battery power at night, saving you lots of money.

GoodWe ES5048 inverter

Saves you from buying grid electricity at night.     And no more power outages, ever.

Solar input power can be up to 5,5 kw, and the limit of power exported to the grid can be preset from zero to 4.6 kw.


 – How it works pdf


 – Installation video


 – Configuration and System Monitoring pdf


Goodwe-ES inverter


Stand-by loads cannot exceed 4.8kw, so in most cases the switched loads will be separated from the grid-only loads in the switchboard.


Contact Solazone to find out how the system can be set up to work best for you.

Goodwe installation

Goodwe installation in Philippines


Our basic standard GoodWe battery back-up package starts from $5950, and includes everything you need; just add a solar panel kit, or replace your existing grid inverter.  

You will then be able to enjoy reliable battery backed-up solar power.

  • Goodwe ES5048 5kw solar hybrid / battery inverter
  • 4.8 kwh Logan tubular plate silicone gel batteries
  • Battery cabinet and safety fuses
  • Battery cables (2.5m)
  • DC and AC isolators.

* System must be installed by a qualified electrician with solar / battery accreditation.


 ES5048 inverter specifications


GOODWE-GW5KL-ET user manual

Goodwe EZ Meter

 Goodwe ez meter

The EZ Meter is used to control the amount of power allowed to be exported to the grid.   It can be set from zero upwards, by using the phone app, or the website.


How to connect a Goodwe Ez Meter:

ezimeter connection

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