On-grid Solar Power systems

On-grid Solar Power systems


Introducing Affordable Solar Power!

At Solazone we are dedicated to bringing not only affordable solar power to all Australians but also a cleaner, greener planet.

This is our contribution to just that.

Our Budget, 3kW Solar System fully installed for an unbelievable price for $2999*

This price includes the following :

12 x 250w Premium Poly GY Panels that includes a 25 year manufactures warranty.

1 x 3kW JFY Inverter that includes a 5 year manufactures warranty.

All Mounting Kits, Wiring and Installation Costs.

This system has a RRP of $5149.00, not including STC rebate.

We want to make investing in solar as easy as we can. In doing so we have discounted the STC rebate in your purchase cost, cutting your up front fees.

STC rebate amount is 62 STC’s @ $35.00 = $2170.00

You may have heard of other Solar Power Business that can provide a 5kW system for $3000.00, but you dont get the dedication and personal experience you will recieve at Solazone.

After all, we have been providing exceptional service to thousands of Australians for over 30 years!

To prove that we go the extra mile we have found a way for our customers to receive more than the average 6c/kw feed in rate from most energy providers.

If you invest in a solar system through Solazone, we will organize for you to receive a feed in rate of 12c/kw and 5% discount on your electricity on the off chance that you don’t produce enough energy from your solar system. (See Bottom of Page For Terms and Conditions)

You can have your solar system installed in the next week and generating free power from the sun, also making you money in the long run.

Use the below calculator to produce an estimate on how long it will take your solar system to pay for itself :

(Only replace white fields with your corresponding information)



*Feed in and discount rates are provided through ‘Click Energy’ and you would be required to switch from you current provider to ‘Click Energy’ to receive aforementioned  benefits. Solazone is in no way affiliated with ‘Click Energy’ and only provides information of current offers by ‘Click Energy’. Solazone has found this information for the customer and is in no way responsible for ‘Click Energy’ Installation included in $2999* price is for Sunshine Coast area only and may not apply to your situation. Please contact Solazone for a detailed quote*

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