Reliable Battery back-up kit for $3997

Convert any existing solar system, to use solar power at night.

Price includes batteries.  

Safe, economic, reliable and long-lasting.

Convert any existing solar system to a battery back-up system.


Save money, program it to operate in the most economical mode for your power usage.

You can start with a small battery pack, and build up the battery size later, if you want to.

Run the lights, TV, fridge, computer and many other small loads at night, from your own stored solar power.

If you exceed your pre-set limits, you have the grid to automatically back you up!

Standard kit package costs $3997.

Delivery and installation available for most areas.


Dog Kennel Solar Ventilator with LED light

Dog kennel solar ventilator

Dog kennel solar ventilator

12v & 24v DC LED Lights and tubes


DC LED globes, spotlights and 1200mm fluorescent tub replacements.

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