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Brand new BP Solar 4180 monocrystalline 180w solar panel.

May 2017 – Melbourne

New BP Solar 180 watt solar panels

24 volt 165 watt BP4180, ideal for charging 24v or 48v battery banks.

8 Pieces available, very hard to get.

Also, ideal for upgrades and repairs of existing BP solar systems.

Same frame size as most BP panels.

Now reduced to just $395 each.


X600 box

May 2017 – Melbourne

X300 Solazone 12 volt wind generators – 100w normal output, 300w max

Brand new.

Easy to assemble and install.

Great low wind performance

Long life, Almost silent

 Two left – Clearance price – reduced to $750

20w LED Tube

May 2017 – Both stores

20w LED tubes

Save power. Half the running cost, much brighter and really long life.

So easy to replace existing fluorescent tube – just remove the starter and insert the tube!

Clearance price – Were $38.80, now discounted to $23 each.


Clearwater Chlorine Feeder

cleancell PH controller

February 2016 – Sunshine Coast

Cleancell swimming pool automatic pH control & acid dispenser

Complete with black tubing and working, traded & unsold stock.

30 days money-back guarantee.

New cost was $1250, clearance price is $180 


edwards titan solar collector

May 2017 – Melbourne

Edwards Titan Solar hot water collector

Brand new top performing titanium-coated solar water heating collector only

(no fittings supplied with it)

Collector glass has been replaced with clear toughened glass when original glass was damaged in transport.

Clearance price – discounted to $695


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