Solar Lawn Mower

Solar-powered lawn mower

We no longer provide solar lawn mowers, but we can provide solar DC recharge kits for various brands of battery-powered mowers..

From a quick and easy push button start (every time), to a lawn care professional finish, the eco mower runs at full power for 80 minutes – enough time to finish about four average back lawns.

The mower itself is easy to use – a smooth, powerful DC volt motor drives the one-piece 355mm solid steel blade, with enough grunt to do the tough jobs. No messy oil, stinky petrol or smelly fumes or emissions. And it’s quiet – it produces 75% less noise than conventional mowers. You can mow at any time, if you wish.

Just press the quick and easy start button (starts every time), for a professional lawn care finish. The solar mower can run at full power for about 80 minutes – enough time to finish a medium to large front and back lawn.

The solar mower really is the quicker, quieter and greener way to cut lawn.

Converts to a mulcher in seconds

Simply remove the grass catcher and insert the chute block, and change the cutting blade for the mulching blade, and you’re ready to make mulch.

Solar recharging

The solar recharge unit can be fixed to a fence or a stake in the ground in a sunny place, and will have your ecomower fully charged for next time you wish to use it.

  • Push button start (everytime!)
  • No petrol, no oil
  • No fumes, no greenhouse gas emissions
  • No running costs – all powered by the sun
  • Lightweight – just 23 kg
  • 75% less noise
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful 24 volt motor
  • Tamper proof safety starter key with auto cut-out switch
  • Safety release on handle stops motor after 3 seconds
  • 6 level blade height adjuster
  • Tough polypropylene chassis comes with 7 year warranty
  • Optional trimmer / edger attachment
  • Battery lasts more that three years (depends on usage)
  • Replacement batteries available from Solazone

Inquire now if you are wanting a solar recharge kit for your battery-powered electric mower.

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