Sugar Cane Copy Paper

Sugar Cane Copy Paper

Sorry.  We no longer sell this paper as the suppliers will only provide it in container lots.

If you are interested in that quantity then please contact me.

Sugar cane copy paper

Sugar cane copy paper

Made from sugar cane leaves, this paper is the best for reducing the destruction of trees for office paper. We have been using it exclusively in our offices for 15 years, and so far have found it to be one of the best in use with printers and photocopiers.

It is white, crisp, and suitable for printing on both sides. Contains the right electrostatic qualities, curl resistance and moisture content suitable for most printers, photocopiers and plain paper facsimiles.


Product Description

One carton of 5 reams, total 2500 sheets A4 multipurpose white copy paper
93 brightness, 250g paper
Biobased paper from sustainable recovered sugarcane fibre

Canefields environmentally friendly paper isn’t just about “going green” it’s about working with urgency, efficiency, and camaraderie towards reaching common goals we all share. It’s about innovative solutions for waste from one industry that can be applied to making something new from it in another. It’s about creating the products we need every day only after all the possibilities of negative environmental impact have been eliminated.

This high quality copy paper is made using sugarcane waste fiber or “bagasse”. This fibre results in less dust build-up on feed rollers and other machine components, thereby saving you money. Canefields copy paper performs well in all office machines for sustainable business printing. One 5-ream carton contains 2500 sheets of A4 standard multipurpose copy paper, with 93 brightness.

Through our paper products and environmental paper manufacturing innovations, Canefields strives to embrace the global community with respect for our land, our water, our air, our planet, and all the life that depends on it. We apply over 20 years of agricultural residue papermaking experience to ensure our premium sugarcane papers are engineered to meet or exceed the quality, performance, and environmental attributes of comparable products. Our papers are produced at a rate of 700 tons per day at the largest and most experienced sugarcane paper manufacturing facility in the world.

Canefields Sugarcane Paper Products are manufactured carbon neutral,

CANE FIELDS paper is manufactured in India by Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited – better known as TNPL. It is a company committed to manufacturing from renewable and non-invasive resources, principally bagasse (sugar cane leaf waste).

The founders of Cane Fields have a vision; to create an eco-conscious company dedicated to introducing environmentally friendly products to consumers. Cane Fields is committed to providing alternative products that do not have a devastating effect on our precious eco-system. Products that are manufactured in a totally environmentally aware manner from renewable resources. Cane Fields carefully scrutinises the materials and manufacturing processes of its products, as have many of Australia’s environmental organisations such as Australian Conservation Foundation, Environment Victoria and The Wilderness Society.

 Laser/Copy paper – per ream (in boxes of 5 reams) $6.75

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