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Zeus Appollo Z21 Hybrid Inverter – Now With Added Features!

Undoubtedly Zeus Appollo’s most popular product, the Z21 Series Hybrid has been actively promoted in the Australian market for nearly two and a half years.  In this time the product has evolved significantly and will continue to improve with new technological advancements.

The most recent changes provide quite a substantial advantage over similar products in the market, these changes include:


Zeus appollo Solazone hybrid 5kw inverter

Zeus Appollo – Solazone’s favourite hybrid 5kw inverter

After consultation with the public, we have found that having a neutral colour as opposed to the previous Yellow colour was more visually pleasing.  The new colour is a powder coated Metal-Grey finish and projects both class and premium quality similar to stainless steel appliances.

100% More Charging Current
The charge current has increased from 50A to 100A. This means the inverter can charge up to 4600W continuously into a battery (depending on battery type), potentially halving the charge time.

Inbuilt DC Switch
Provides an additional safety measure.

DRM Compliant & CEC Approved
Changes in AS4777.2:2015 include the requirement for the inverter to respond to signals sent remotely via DRM (Demand Response Mode).

New Monitoring Portal
Our newest monitoring portal (z21monitoring.zeusappollo.com) allows us to remotely adjust settings and upload firmware updates via the cloud to inverters that are connected to the web via the inbuilt WiFi communication.

These new features are in addition to the already existing industry leading features such as:

Emergency UPS backup output feature provides up to 4.6kW (Peak 6.9kW 10s) of power via PV or batteries when no grid is available (Blackout) for seamless energy supply in emergency situations.Up to 4.6kW of Nominal battery discharge power so you can supply more from your battery and less from the power grid.Programmable charge times and load prioritisation to give you control of your energy management.Adjustable zero export and export limiting function inbuilt to meet any export restrictions at your location.IP65 protection allows for installation indoors or outdoors .



Dual Trackers

Maximum Efficiency: 97.6%

Maximum MPPT Efficiency: 99.9%

Nominal Battery Voltage: 48 volts

Battery Voltage Range: 40-60Vdc

Max Discharge Power: 4600W

Integrated Battery Temperature Compensation & Current Shunt

5 Years Warranty

Zeus Appollo Z21 Specifications & How it Operates.

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