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Do you want to buy a reliable home solar power system, without fuss?

For over three decades now, our clients trust us to examine their needs, and come up with great solar solutions.  Why do you think this is?  Because we are passionate, fastidious and enthusiastic about our craft.   We always aim to be the BEST we can possibly be.   Talk to us, and discover our enthusiasm.  Become infected with our passion for solar!   Go on.  Try it, and discover the benefits.

Domestic 5kw solazone solar power system at Toowoomba

Domestic 5kw solazone solar power system at Toowoomba

Eliminate your daytime power costs, completely, by installing whatever you need.

See if it’s worth installing solar power storage batteries, for using at night and during power outages.

Get government rebates whilst they are still available; we discount your solar system so you don’t have to do the paperwork.

Using Grid export control metering, you can legally have more solar panels than the authorities want to restrict you to.

You will be delighted with the result.   !00% satisfaction guarantee.

Domestic 2kw Solazone solar power system installed on a tile roof in Essendon supplies most of the household power.

Just 2kw Solazone solar power system on this tile roof in Essendon supplies the household power needs.

How to get started:

– Call us, email, or fill in the form below:-

– Experienced. You get more than 30 years’ of reliable and safe on-site installations.
– Free assessment. You get a ‘no charge, no obligation’ energy assessment by providing us with a copy of a recent bill.
– Careful engineering. You get careful measurement of your roof, check your existing meter, and design your solar system to suit.
– No leaks, reliable service contracts. You get reliable, trouble-free solar power – a great return on your investment.
– All paperwork completed. All required applications, rebate paperwork, and certificates – all taken care of !
– Satisfaction guarantee. You just enjoy the benefits !

Solar power system installed in Donvale

Polycrystalline solar panels in Donvale.

We manage all aspects of your project, with particular emphasis on safety and environmental management issues.
Our solar power systems require minimal maintenance, however you may purchase an optional cleaning, maintenance and safety check of the electrical connections, to ensure optimal performance.  This ensures your system is always safe, and working to it’s maximum potential.

1  Email us a copy of a recent power bill.
2  Let’s discuss your actual power needs, check the roof, and inspect the wiring of your house.
3  Making best use of our wide range of products, you can choose your best solar power option.
4  Call us for a faster assessment – (03) 9808 7337 or (07) 5448 8304

For those wanting more technical information about our systems:

Solar panels

Inverter information

Solar systems with battery back-up


Don’t be afraid to call us for clarification.  We are here to help.


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