Shurflo transfer pumps

Shurflo transfer pumps


Shurflo pumps are reliable diaphragm pumps, made in the USA, and typically pump small to medium volumes of water over a medium to large head range.  They have been found to be excellent for water transfer, showers, household water pressure, and irrigation purposes.   The water MUST be clean and free from particles to protect the rubber diaphragm.    The low power draw makes them an excellent choice for solar-powered houses, and they are available in 12 & 24-volt versions.

Pressure pumps for homes, caravans, boats, sprayers, camping, etc.

Shurflo 2088 pump

The SHURflo 2088 series pump offers a complete pressurised water system for homes, weekenders, caravans, etc. This positive displacement pump is ideally suited for showers, toilets, kitchens & laundry applications.

Designed for long-life operation with a 3-chamber pump head as well as heavy duty rotor and bearings, this pump can even run dry without being damaged.

Features include:

Self-priming to 3.6 metres
Inline water filter
10L draw off before pump starts


Delivery pumps for homes, caravans, boats, sprayers, camping, etc.

The SHURflo 2088 & 8000 series delivery pumps are used for a variety of applications.

Features include:

Automatic demand switching
Built-in back check valve
Self priming to 3.6 metres (8000 model to 2.4 metres)
Heavy duty motor & bearings
Adjustable pressure switch
Santoprene diaphragm material


Shurflo dc transfer / pressure pumps

Widely used for a variety of water applications, with automatic demand switching, built in check valve & pressure switch, self-priming to 3.6 metres, 1/2 inch male threaded ports and adjustable pressure settings.

Pump Model Recommended Use Volts Amps Max flow rate
Shurflo Deluxe intermittent 12 7 13.2 40
Shurflo Premium continuous 12 10 13.5 45
Shurflo 8000 intermittent 12 7 6.5 60
Shurflo Deluxe intermittent 24 3.5 11.3 40
Shurflo Twin head pump intermittent 12 18 26.5 45
Shurflo Sensor pump requires no pressure tank 12/24 10/5 4.9/6 65
Shurflo service kit incl replacement diaphragm


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