Diaphram pumps

Flopower Transfer pumps


Flopower transfer pumps are ideal for caravans, boats, motorhomes and camping, also good for showers and taps in solar powered houses, for washdown hoses, and for transferring water from dams and tanks.

Suitable with fresh water or salt water – ideal for deckwash, or a toilet or shower. They all come with two sets of fittings – hose barbs and threaded for pipes, and also a filter. Four different models available – to suit your flow requirements and system voltage.

Flopower 12v diaphragm pump

Very good water Pressure Pumps – can be self-priming

These diaphragm pressure pumps are ideal for use in any area that requires water transfer. Easy to operate and self priming, they will give years of reliable service. Twelve months warranty, and service parts available for the long term. With inbuilt pressure switch, these pumps can automatically turn on and off when you turn the tap on and off. Can either be run from a battery bank, or directly from solar panels to fill a water trough for animals.


Product Features

Lightweight and made from non corroding materials
Self priming
Run dry Protection
Easy to install
No maintenance
Simple to operate
Low power consumption
12 months warranty
Automatically turns on and off
Includes fittings and filter


12 volt and 24 volt models
7 amp draw on startup
3.9 amps when running
Maximum capacity 12.5 L/Min
Maximum pressure 35 PSI
Inlet and Outlet are 1/2 inch
Fittings are one straight barbed, one 90 degree barbed and one straight BSP
Dimensions 210 (L) x 110 (W), or 170mm with filter x 100 (H)
Weight 1.85 kg
Can use with a 3 to 20 litre accumulator tank
Open flow is 17 litres per minute
Quiet operation and smooth flow
Runs dry without harm to the pump
Includes plug-in ports for easy installation options
Fittings: Comes with two 3/4″ straight hose barbs & two 1/2″ BSP elbows.
Complete with strainer (included) to protect pump from debris.

Asssembly Diagram

  • Flopower diaphragm pump Asssembly Diagram
1 motor
2 Screw
3 dowel pin
4 Connection board
5 Oscillating board
6 Pump front cover
7 diaphragm
8 piston
9 Cavity body
10 O-ring
11 Seal plug
12 Easy Connector
13 Pump body
14 Washer
15 Screw Ⅱ


Models that we stock

Models Volts Maximum Flow Maximum height PressureOff Amp Draw Strainer Prices
l / m m psi amp March 2019
FL-12512 12 volt 12.5 35 7 Yes $180
FL-1712 12 volt 17 40 10 Yes $195
FL-1724 24 volt 17 40 5 Yes $195
FL-30012 12 volt 60 13 Yes $260



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