Solar Room Ventilators

Solar Room Ventilators


Transfer air from one part of a building to another.   

  • Share warm air from near a wood heater to heat a cold bedroom down the hall
  • Remove damp air out from a cold bathroom to prevent mould growth
  • Circulate fresh air through a walk-in robe, etc.   
  • There are endless applications for using a small solar-powered fan to move air from one place to another.   


1. Remove hot, humid, or stuffy air directly to the outside.

  • From an adjustable ceiling vent located somewhere central in the room, the duct goes to an inline fan and vents to the eaves outside.
  • The quiet extractor fan automatically runs on any sunny day, just from the sun.
  • Or temperature control it using an adjustable thermostat.
  • Ceiling vents are closed to prevent heat loss on cold nights.


Adjustable and closable ceiling vent 150mm - 300mm

Adjustable and closable ceiling vent 


Inline solar powered ventilation fan

An inline solar-powered ventilation fan

Adjustable thermostat

Set your own comfort level

Remove the heat from the ceiling of any room, and duct it outside to the eaves – automatically dispose of heat, without making any holes in the roof itself!

  • Remove the heat from the ceiling of the living area and gently exhaust it all day, every day, through a neat diffuser mounted in the eaves outside.
  • Control your environment by means of an adjustable thermostat, for completely automatic operation – you just set your desired comfort level.
  • The very quiet inline fan operates inside the ceiling from a solar panel on the roof.
  • Sound-insulating flexible duct is included for strong, silent operation.
  • An automatic check valve stops drafts.
  • An optional plug-in night pack ai available for after-dark operation.
  • Closable ceiling and eave vents are included in every installation kit, along with easy-to-follow installation instructions.    

    Flexible insulated duct reduces sound

    Flexible insulated duct reduces sound


Installation instructions for Solazone in roof ventilator 2022


Ceiling to Eaves Solar Ventilation kit Prices – 2023

Single room solar ventilation inline fan and solar panel kit  $580
Single room solar ventilation fan and solar panel kit with all accessories

2 x 150mm Adjustable ceiling vents, 20-watt 24-volt DC inline fan, 20-watt solar panel with mounting frame, adjustable thermostat, 10m wire, soft-close check valve, 6m flexible insulated duct, duct tape & installation instructions.




 2. Remove heat and odours from Ceiling to Roof 

Perfect for removing heat, stale air, and bad smells all day from the ceiling of a room or corridor, and exhausting it directly to the outside, using a solar ventilator mounted on the roof.    This system has been particularly useful in removing offensive stale air and smells from closed, air-conditioned, buildings such as nursing homes and chemical stores.   Further uses have been found in reception areas of doctors’ and dentists’ clinics, where contaminated air from patients to others must be avoided.

Solar heat extractor princple

Solar-powered air extraction principle is demonstrated here.

Kits include 6 metres of flexible duct for strong, silent operation, ceiling diffuser, roof solar ventilator, installation kit, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.   Set the thermostat for completely automatic operation, you determine your own comfort level.      Kits are available for every type of roof surface, and ceiling type.    Ask us about your particular requirement and we can put together a customised kit.


Ceiling to Roof Ventilation kit Prices – 2023

Solarwhiz 25w solar roof ventilator kit – with adjustable ceiling vent 300mm, 25-watt fan, 25w solar panel with mounting frame, 300mm duct takeoff, control thermostat, 3m wire, 6m flexible 300mm uninsulated duct, duct tape & installation instructions. $1180
Solarwhiz 40w solar roof ventilator kit – with adjustable ceiling vent 300mm, 40-watt fan, 40w solar panel with mounting frame, 300mm duct takeoff, control thermostat, 3m wire, 6m flexible 300mm uninsulated duct, duct tape & installation instructions. $1400
Night operations pack (mains power back-up) for all-night operation or boosted performance on cloudy days $165



2. Transfer cool air from under the house to inside.


  • Solar-powered wall fan draws cool air from outside, under the house, or from any other cool, convenient place, to inside a stuffy room.
  • Easily installed in a wall, and connect the 20w solar panel to run the fan.
  • Be more comfortable during those hot summer days.


Solar powered wall fan

Solar-powered wall fan


  • Transfer cool air from under the house into the living area, running all day, every day. 
  • Control by a thermostat in the house, for automatic operation – set your own comfort level.  
  • Alternatively, you can install the wall-mounted ducted transfer fan, to pump fresh air into your living space all day.


Solar powered wall extraction fan rear view


 Fresh Air Transfer Kit prices – 2023

 Solar-powered wall fan with solar panel

Solar-powered 20w fan, 20w solar panel with mounting frame.



 Customise your cooling kit – extra parts you may want.

Night operations pack – uses 240v power
150mm Plastic duct Y-piece $55
150mm Low-pressure check valve $85
150mm Galvanised elbow $75
Inline booster fan 150mm 24-volt (with flanges) $175
Flanges for 150mm fan, or for end of duct (each)
Fixed Temperature Thermostat (set at 30 degC) $55
Adjustable Temperature Thermostat (recommended) $88
Eave Vents – painted galvanised steel $32
Ceiling vent – 150 mm
Ceiling vent – 200 mm $55
Ceiling vent – 250 mm $65
Ceiling vent – 300 mm $75
Solar panel mounting brackets and screws
Solar panel – 35 watt – solar panel with adjustable mounting frame $220
Insulated 4mm twin wire – 30m roll
Flexible Ducting (insulated) – stretches to 6 meters $120




3. Mini Fans for ventilating small spaces, shipping containers, pantry, dog kennel, etc.



Ideal for Cabins, Granny flats, Shacks, Sheds, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Toilets, Dog kennel, etc.

This model has the solar panel separate from the ventilator unit, giving the flexibility of mounting the ventilator in a position that is out of the sun.

Two methods of operation – sucks air our, or blows air in.

Mini fans units are capable of ventilation either through air extraction or by introducing fresh air.

By combining extraction and introduction of fresh air, superior cross-flow ventilation can be achieved when multiple units operate together.

It can also be set up to run off a rechargeable battery – enabling the unit to run day and night to optimise the air quality in your chosen location.

No 240 volt wiring, no plugs, no noise, and once installed no running cost whatsoever, and at a low competitive price – Mini fan could be the ideal solution to your ventilation problem.

Dimensions are 255mm wide, 200mm high, and protrudes 55mm into the wall.

Hole size needed is 175mm, and depth of penetration into the hole is 55mm.

Prices –  2023

Mini fan wall ventilator 60 m3/hr with remote solar panel and 5m of connecting lead $335



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