Solartherm Glazed Pool Heating Panels

Solartherm Glazed Solar Heating Panels



Solartherm 8 panel system

Solartherm 8 panel system

Very effective solar pool heating – acclaimed by clients from Tasmania to Queensland!

  • Solartherm solar heating heats pools and spas in any sunny climate.  
  • Not affected by wind and cold air, so long as it’s sunny.
  • Protection from possums and cockatoos – not affected.
  • Always looks neat, does not come loose in storms.
  • In many cases, reduced collector area will give good heating.
  • Made from durable HDPE – not affected by pool chemicals.
  • Safe on any pool – no heat exchanger required
Solartherm installation Melbourne

Solartherm installation Melbourne

Solartherm is one of the most effective systems on the market for swimming all year round, or for use in indoor pools, or pools in cool climate zones.

Just set the required temperature, and forget.   Neatly installs on all roof types.

Solarthem installation on tiled roof in Queensland

Solarthem installation on tiled roof in Queensland

The solar collectors are made from high density polyethylene tubing, encased in aluminium boxes, with clear polycarbonate covers.

Four Solartherm panels on a metal roof

Four Solartherm panels on a metal roof

Because of their construction, these collectors work effectively, even on cold but sunny winter days.

Solartherm panels are made of HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) pipe specially coiled using proprietary welding machines and techniques, to achieve leak free panels that are tested to 100 psi.

Solartherm installation in Camberwell Vic

Solartherm installation in Camberwell Vic

  • Hail resistant polycarbonate cover.
  • Cockatoo-proof solar heating.
  • Anodised aluminium box.
  • Solartherm panel inside box.
  • No strips to blow loose in the wind.

Solartherm Pool & Spa Heating

The Solartherm Panel is enclosed in an Anodised Marine Grade Aluminum Box and covered by a hail resistant Polycarbonate sheet, making it a durable and low maintenance system. Heat losses from the wind are kept to a minimum.

Solartherm installation in Tasmania

Solartherm installation in Tasmania

Water is circulated from the pool to the Solartherm Panels by a booster pump.   The Solartherm Panels absorb the solar energy from the sun into the water and return the heated water back to the pool, thus raising your pool temperature.   A specially designed Solar Controller attached to your pump will keep your pool at the desired temperature in a cost effective manner.   In addition, the Solar Controller will also ensure the Solartherm Panels will be protected in all seasons of the year.    It is important to note that the Solartherm Panels must be filled with water at all times to preserve the integrity of the solar heating system.

One Solartherm Panel will heat about 7 to 8 square metres of your pool surface area, depending on the location.   If you wish to achieve a higher pool temperature, additional Solartherm Panels can be added to your current system (subject to roof space) at any time, as the Solartherm system is modular.   Because of the unique design of the Solartherm panel, the panel can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position.

In the event that you wish to move to another property, the Solartherm Panels may be dis-assembled and re-assembled in your new location.

Solartherm collectors installed at Flaxton, Queensland

Solartherm collectors installed at Flaxton, Queensland

How is Solartherm different from matting pool heating system?

The Solartherm panel is enclosed in an anodized aluminum box and covered by a hail resistant polycarbonate cover. This special system will ensure that the heat loss from wind is kept to a minimum. That’s why it is far more efficient than the typical matting system.

Because of its thermal efficiency, it requires significantly less surface area to heat your pool than the typical matting system.

What is the Panel made from and is it corrosion proof?

The Panel is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes. The panels are individually pre-tested to 100 psi at the factory. The material is black and non-corrosive.

Why is Polyethelyne a superior material for solar panels?

HDPE is an unique material and is very durable. A one tonne truck driven over the panel will not destroy or crack the pipes.

I want to upgrade to Solartherm. Do I need a new pump?

In general, No, as long as your current pump is in good working order. Solartherm panels are tested to 100 psi so even though this system only requires a low pressure pump we can connect it to a slightly larger pump such as is generally used in the matting systems. Therefore saving you the expense of purchasing a new pump. The flow rate can be controlled by a ball valve.

Is there drainage to stop rain water sitting in the box?

These is a small gap at the bottom of the backing sheet which allows the water to drain. The system is not totally waterproof.

Is the system easy to operate?

Yes, the system is connected to a solar controller which does the work for you. During hand-over you will be shown how to use this, plus you will be given an instruction brochure.

Do the panels have to be installed on the roof?

No, it is possible for the panels to be installed on a frame on the ground with the panels raised to 25 to 30 degrees to receive the maximum solar heat. This frame can be designed so that it can be adjusted for summer and winter conditions. The panels can also be installed on a flat roof.

Solartherm Panel Technical Specifications

Solar collection area per collector 2.59 sqm
Length (OD) 2,250 mm
Width (OD) 1,150 mm
Height 75 mm
Weight (Dry) 37 kgs
Weight with water 51.4 kgs
Actual Roof Loading 19.8 kgs/sqm
Standard Roof Loading 25.0 kgs/sqm

 Automatic Control System

In order to preserve the quality of the Solartherm collectors, the Solartherm Automatic control system MUST be fitted and left turned on.

Solartherm Automatic Controller

Solartherm Automatic Controller

This will maximise the amount of heat collected from the sun, and will also protect the collector coils from excessive heat when the heating of the pool is not required.

Solartherm Warranty

This is a top quality product, and we have had virtually no problems with it.

  • Solartherm Collector Insert10-years full replacement warranty
  • Solartherm Aluminium box5-year warranty
  • Solartherm Polycarbonate Glazing2-year warranty
  • Solartherm Automatic Control System3-years replacement warranty
  • Solartherm valves and pipe fittings1-years warranty
  • Circulating Pump – Manufacturers warranty applies on the motor and parts.


Warranty applies to the original purchaser only, and is not transferable .  
Only Solartherm panels installed by approved Solartherm installers, or installed following our suggested installation method and fittings, are covered by this warranty.
Freight and labour costs are not included.

Solartherm heating up a lap pool

Solartherm Kits

All kits include solar collectors, pump, automatic controller, panel connectors, accessories pack and HD polypipe & fittings.

For longer runs, order additional pipe, or use Cl12 PVC in the ground.

Maximum pool size Min no. of Solarthem panels
 Up to 30,000 litres
 Up to 50,000 litres 6
 Up to 70,000 litres 8
Up to 90,000 litres 10
In adverse climates it is advisable to use more collectors.
*We recommend Reltech solar circulation pumps
*Suitable for solar-powered pump systems
*Solartherm automatic controller with overheating protection, is mandatory to protect collectors, and retain warranty.
*Use only HDPE pipework,  Most PVC pipes will melt and deform under extreme heat conditions.


Installing the Solar Panels

When you are installing the solar panels on the roof, it is easiest to remove the aluminium finishing strips with a large flat screwdriver, remove the acrylic glazing, and remove the heating element from the box.

First, just take the boxes to the roof.

Arrange them how you want, with the sides touching each other.

When in the required position, use tek screws through the plastic base and into the metal roof ridges, to hold the panel boxes in place.

Solartherm mounting screws

Solartherm mounting screws

Usually six screws per panel is sufficient.

Install the heating elements and connect them up.

Solartherm connections

Solartherm connections

Install the plumbing as per the installation instructions.

Test run the system, and leave it running for at least half an hour, to ensure there are no leaks.

Install the auto controller.

When satisfied that all is running ok, put the clear plastic lids on the panels.  Use a plastic or rubber mallet to install the aluminium retaining strips.


No Solartherm panels available, just spare parts.

Check out our new evacuated tubes pool heating instead.

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