Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Hot Water Tanks


Choosing the right storage tank will determine the life of your solar water heater.  Get a top-quality solar water tank and just do it once!

Duplex stainless steel has excellent rust-resistant properties along with double the strength of 316L making it the perfect material for hot water storage tanks.

Inside Exegi stainless water tank

Inside Exegi stainless water tank

These tanks comply with all Australian standards and have the watermark certification to prove it.  The tanks are built using only the finest materials and components, which is why they have a long 5-15 year warranty.


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Stainless Steel Vertical Tank Options

Vertical Stainless Tanks Dimensions mm January 2024
DX0-200  200l – no coil  600 x 1325 $1911
DX0-300  300l – no coil  600x 1560 $2158
DX0-400  400l – no coil  650 x 1810 $2898
DX0-500  500l – no coil  780 x 1828 $3333
DX1-200  200l – one coil  600 x 1325 $2446
DX1-300  300l – one coil  600x 1560 $2839
DX1-400  400l – one coil  650 x 1810 $3534
DX1-500  500l – one coil  780 x 1828 $4075
DX2-200  200l – two coils  600 x 1325 $3043
DX2-300  300l – two coils  600x 1560 $3123
DX2-400  400l – two coils  650 x 1810 $3804
DX2-500  500l – two coils  780 x 1828 $4480
DX2-1000  1000l – two coils $ask
DX2-2000  2000l – two coils $ask
All tanks are supplied with a sacrificial anode
Electrical element and thermostat are available
Optional top coil and bottom coil are available

Freight from Melbourne-based supply warehouse not included.  Freight is extra.




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