Century Enersun SSR batteries

Century Enersun SSR Batteries

Century Enersun SSR has advanced tubular plate technology for long reliable life.  Century Enersun SSR Solar Energy Battery utilises sealed tubes for the positive plates to keep the power – producing active materials in the cavity and intact throughout the life of the battery.

century enersun batteries

Century Enersun batteries in Queensland

century enersun solar batteries

Century Enersun solar batteries

The active material is injected into the cavity of the tube by highly sophisticated process. Shedding is effectively eliminated and corrosion is reduced, thus providing long battery service life.

This unique tubular technology has proven to be reliable, and has excellent deep cycling capacity.


  • Advanced technology tubular positive plate construction – ideal for deep cycling applications
  • Individual 2 volt cells encased in rugged steel trays for extra durability
  • Large ‘top of plate’ electrolyte reservoir to minimise topping up for less maintenance
  • Large volume electrolyte minimises effect of temperature variation
  • High charge acceptance – ideal for solar applications
  • Robust construction and heavy duty casing designed to last as long as the battery
  • Detailed installation and maintenance manual provided with each battery
  • Maintenance kit, including hydrometer and thermometer, provided with each 12 volt battery
  • Wraparound separators provide extra protection against short circuits:

The Century SSR range consists of individual 2 volt cells encased in a rugged steel case.

The cases have an acid-resistant coating and are designed to fully protect the cells, as well as their filler caps and terminals.

The cells have tubular positive plates, which have excellent deep cycling characteristics and also have an extra volume of electrolyte included to minimise the frequency of topping up required.

The overall construction of these batteries is similar to that used to stand up to the harsh requirements of batteries used in electric forklift trucks.

Key Design Elements:

  • Low Self Discharge
  • Self Discharge is exceptionally low at <5% per month when stored out of direct sunlight and at 25°C.
  • Robust Construction
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for the harsh Australian conditions,

Supplied with a 3mm steel powder coated tray, housing a polypropylene (PP) cell jar and lid.

  • High ‘Top-Of-Plate’ Electrolyte Reservoir
  • Large ‘top-of-plate’ electrolyte reservoir reduces the effect of temperature, as well as minimising maintenance frequency.
  • Tubular Positive Plate Construction
  • Enersun batteries use tubular positive plate technology to ensure reliable performance.
  • These unique tubular plates are formed by injecting active materials into sealed tubes, which provides extra protection against shedding.

Enersun SSR is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for three years from the date of delivery.


A/hr @ C100
L x W x H mm
SSR 450 6 volt 450 Ahr 340 x 165 x 640 81 kg
SSR 535 6 volt 535 Ahr 340 x 165 x 640 88 kg
SSR 700 6 volt 700 Ahr 435 x 165 x 640 109 kg
SSR 875 6 volt 875 Ahr 531 x 165 x 640 133kg
SSR 1025 4 volt 1025 Ahr 326 x 215 x 640 103 kg
SSR 1320 4 volt 1320 Ahr 326 x 265 x 640 120 kg

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