Logan batteries

Long life silicate batteries with high performance, robust in adverse environments, long charge retention, and rapid discharge ability.

Exide Energystore

Heavy duty tubular plate batteries that are the industry standard.  Available as flooded batteries, or Gel.

LG Chem Lithium Batteries

Compact lithium storage batteries, considered the industry standard.

Sonnenschein Gel batteries

Heavy duty tubular positive plate Gel batteries, made in Germany, and have an excellent cycle life.   Maintenance-free.

Concorde SunXtender AGM batteries

US-made top quality AGM batteries, developed especially for use in solar and wind applications, where long-life, deep-cycle, low-internal-resistance, superior charge acceptance, and good energy density are required.

Century Enersun deep cycle solar batteries

Enersun SSR has advanced tubular plate technology for long reliable life.   Use sealed tubes for the positive plates to keep the power-producing active materials within the cavities, and intact throughout the life of the battery.

Trojan deep cycle batteries

Trojan batteries are good quality batteries with good cycling ability.   They make an excellent choice for smaller solar power systems, and we have installations where these batteries are still working 15 years later.

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