DC Display Fridges

DC Display Fridges


Merchandising and Display Fridges that run from a 12-volt battery

solar display fridge


Show your products, whilst keeping them chilled, anywhere, whether there is power or not.

These double-glass door display fridges are ideal for selling popular drinks and snack foods at fairs, markets, food vans where solar power is used to keep the food cold.

Increase sales of grab-and-go items like bottled water, soft drinks, juice, and energy drinks, along with sandwiches, salads, and prepackaged snack foods.

12 volt Display Fridge small

12-volt Display Fridge 168 litre

Robust, lightweight, and easily cleaned display fridges, that run directly from batteries, charged by solar panels, the vehicle, or the mains, reliably in any location.

12 volt Display Fridge working

12-volt Display Fridge working

  • Good quality, intelligent energy control system.
  • Very low energy consumption.
  • Ideal for use in any mobile or rural take-away foods van or sandwich shop, or a grocery store, restaurant, lodge, camping, or beach store where there is a poor power supply.
  • 12/24 volt DC option.
  • Fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronics, low-voltage protection, and electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection.
  • Connects to any 12 or 24-volt battery, it has built-in low-battery protection, and will automatically turn off with low battery voltage
Juka Display Fridge 218 litre

218-litre Display Fridge


Model LC168 LC218 LC268 LC300
Capacity 168 litres 218 litres 268 litres 300 litres
Dimensions 555 x 580 x 1100 565 x 555 x 1655 565 x 555 x 1765 565 x 555 x 1955
Input voltages 12 / 24 volt
Weight 45 kg 58 kg 61 kg 65 kg
Temp range 0 – 10 degrees
Prices Feb 2023 $1200

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Some fridges are made to order.  Delivery time is 4 – 8 weeks from ordering, if not in stock.



• Fully hermetic Domus compressor with integrated control electronics.
• Automatically turns off when low battery voltage detected.
• Environmentally-friendly refrigerant R134a.
• Advertising light box on top of the refrigerator.
• Bright lamp inside with soft light.
• Security lock.
• Adjustable steel wire shelves.
• Double-glazed door, for a good display effect.
• Door supporting trolley facilitates placing and moving
• Connects directly with any DC power source, e.g. battery & solar panels.
• May be connected with AC power through an AC/DC adapter.
• High energy-saving and low temperature-loss design



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