Solar Wall and Gable Ventilators

Solar-powered Wall and Gable Ventilators


Small wall-mounted solar ventilators

Ideal for quietly injecting fresh air into, or removing stale air from rooms, and workspaces.

Solar powered wall extraction fan front

  • This solar extraction fan looks really neat in the wall.
  • Easily installed into most types of walls.
  • Fitted with adjustable louvres to direct the flow.
  • Can be used for injecting fresh air into a room, or for extracting stale air to the outside.
  • Easily install flexible duct, if needed, with the optional ducting flange.
  • Control with an on-off switch, or automatically with an adjustable thermostat.
  • Runs for free, all day, every day.

Solar powered wall extraction fan rear view

Sometimes just installing a small Solar Ventilator is all that’s required,  and these solar ventilator models may be the answer.   Installation is a simple matter of making a hole in the wall, fitting the solar ventilator, connecting the remote solar panel (via a thermostat if needed), and it’s all ready to go.  No electrician or builder is required for this, as it is extra-low voltage (24 volt DC).

Solar powered wall extraction fan top view


 Specifications of Small Solar Ventilation Fan kits.

The fan kits contain a 24-volt ventilator fan with louvres, and a solar panel with a mounting frame.

You can also add an adjustable thermostat, and 5 metres of connecting wire.

Solar Wall Ventilator fan and solar panel  White 20-watt fan
 Airflow – 24-volt fan  Up to 500 m3/hr
 Suits duct size 150mm
 Speed  2300 rpm
 Current draw  1.7 amp
 Noise level  43 dBA
 Solar panel 35 watt
 Kit Price  August 2023 $475 

Extra adjustable thermostat: $88

Extra 10m twin wire and 4 connectors: $25 

30-metre roll of 4mm twin sheathed wire: $68

All prices include GST


Large wall or gable-mounted solar ventilators


Round, with flange-mounting and plastic louvred safety cover:

Solar whiz gable mount ventilator SV3000

When no ducting is required, the flange-mounted solar ventilator may be the answer.  

Again, installation is a simple.   Cut a hole in the wall, fit the solar ventilator fan, thermostat, and its louvred safety cover, and install the remote solar panel on a nearby roof or wall.   That’s all.   Set up and ready to go!

Gable mount ventilator fan safety cover

 Fan Dimensions:  Required hole diameter: 300mm, flange diameter: 500mm, depth: 200mm


 Specifications of Large Solar Wall Ventilation Fan Kits.

Kits contain a ventilator fan and safety cover, or louvres, solar panel,  solar panel with adjustable mounting frame, and 5 metres of connecting wire.

Fan model SW-RAF1400G SW-RAFG-2100
 12 volt 20-watt 300mm 35-watt 300mm
 Airflow Up to 1400 m3/hr Up to 2100 m3/hr
 Speed 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
 Current draw 1.25 amp 2.9 amp
 Noise level 40 dBA 40 dBA
Solar panel 20 watt 35 watt
Prices – Aug 2023 $820 $975

Adjustable thermostat, if required, $88

Flanged fans are supplied with a Gable Ventilator Safety Cover  ( 22″ diameter plastic, with louvres + fly screen)

Extra 10m twin wire and 4 connectors $45.

30 metre roll of 4mm twin sheathed wire $87


Adjustable Thermostats

Adjustable thermostat

Adjustable thermostat

  • Using the thermostat, you can control exactly when the Solar Ventilator will operate – only when the temperature exceeds your preset limit.
  • This means that if your set temperature is exceeded during summer, the hot air is extracted from the room, but during winter the thermostat can be set to retain the heat, and help keep the house warm.
  • Very simple adjustment – just turn the knob.
  • Use the convenient on-off swich if needed.
  • Included in each kit.


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