Rheem Solar Hot Water

Rheem Solar Hot Water

We recommend the Aussie-made Rheem (formerly Edwards) range of products for their stainless steel tanks, range of colorbond colours, easy installation & reliable performance.

rheem solar water heaterTypes of stainless steel tanks available:

1. L-type for non-frosty areas –

If your home is in a temperate or tropical location, is not subject to frost, and you have good quality water, then the L Series is ideal for you.

The system operates on the natural thermosiphon principle, i.e. when water is heated it rises. The L Series directly heats the water as it passes through the solar collectors, then circulates it back into the storage tank, using no power. This process continues whilst the sun is shining, giving you hot water free from the sun.

The new modern design adds value to any home. Combined with the strength of stainless steel

and the confidence of buying quality Australian-designed and manufactured, the product will provide you with peace of mind when enjoying your new Edwards Solar Hot Water System.

2. LX-type for frost-prone areas –

For areas which experience frost or snow, or have less-than-reliable water quality, the Edwards LX Series is the best choice. It uses the highly-efficient heat transferring properties of a special anti-freeze fluid, Glycol to transfer the absorbed energy to heat the water indirectly. With this system, the water does not pass though the solar collectors, instead a Glycol mixture is circulated from the solar collectors through a jacket which is wrapped around the storage tank, transferring heat into the water.

The benefit of this ‘indirect’ heat exchange process is that the system can be used confidently in frost areas, without risking damage to the system; it offers protection against freeze damage in conditions of up to minus 18 degrees Celsius.

The new modern design of the LX Series solar hot water system was designed and manufactured here in Australia for our harsh Australian conditions, not only will it compliment any home’s roof and save you immediately on your homes energy costs, it offers you peace of mind knowing it has been developed for our tough climate.


Types of Solar Collectors available:

1. – Australis – for tropical or warm temperate zones

2. – Titan – for cooler climates, and for regular heavy hot water usage

Rheem solar collectors are made in Australia with low iron toughened safety glass, and have from black colorbond collector boxes.

The pipe connections are 25 mm JIS thread, and the latest models are a different size to the earlier models.

We generally recommend using the Australis collector in areas of intense sunlight and for houses with little hot water use.

For regular users of a lot of hot water, or for locations with shade issues, we then suggest using the Titan model.


Rheem Model Suits No. persons
L180-1 Australis 1 – 2
L180-1 Titan 1 – 3
L305-2 Australis 2 – 5
L305-2 Titan 4 – 6
L440-3 Australis up to 8
L440-3 Titan 8 – 9
LX180-1 Australis (for frost areas) 1 – 2
LX180-1 Titan (for frost areas) 1 – 3
LX305-2 Australis (for frost areas) 2 – 5
LX305-2 Titan (for frost areas) 4 – 6
Flat roof frames available, and can be made to suit any roof angle


Connecting to a wood stove

Connecting a wood heater is easy using a special heat exchanger.  The glycol circuit may be connected to the heat exchanger, and the stove side of the heat exchanger is maintained at low pressure using a special top-up tank.   The mains pressure or glycol circuit of the Rheem unit must never be connected directly into the wood stove.   This will void the warranty and potentially cause a very dangerous situation.

Rheem solar with heat exchanger, connected to a wood stove.

Rheem solar with heat exchanger, connected to a wood stove.


See detailed instructions for connecting a wood stove here.


Buy a complete system delivered to your home:

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