Solar Whiz

Solar Whiz solar-powered ventilators


One of the world’s best solar roof ventilators – stainless steel and made in Australia!

Remove heat from the roof space, cool the rooms underneath, and have the aircon working much more effectively.

Top performance, reliable, quiet, and can be mounted on any sort of roof, sloping in any direction.

Solar whiz on tile roof

Solar whiz on tile roof in Melbourne

And being made from stainless steel, they are ideal for coastal installations because they do not rust.

Solarwhiz on Bribie Island

Solarwhiz on Bribie Island



The Solar Whiz R15 is a mid-range solar ventilator.  It is best suited towards ventilating spaces such as standard pitched homes up to 120 square meters OR the top story of a two-story home.

Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-15

Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-15

Specifications of SW-AU-R-15

Capacity 1200 Cubic Metres per Hour (m³/h)
706 Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm)
PV Wattage 15 Watt
Fan Decibel <40 Decibels (dBA)
Dimensions 560mm × 360mm × 330mm
Weight 10kg
Night Operations Yes, with Constant Current Module (add-on)
2024 Price $745




Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-25

Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-28

The Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-28 is the more powerful mid-range unit.  It is best suited towards ventilating larger homes up to 180 square meters or are looking for extra roof ventilation power and improved results in home cooling.


Specifications of SW-AU-R-28

Capacity 1700 Cubic Metres per Hour (m³/h)
1000 Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm)
PV Wattage 25 Watt
Fan Decibel <45 Decibels (dBA)
Dimensions 560mm × 360mm × 330mm
Weight 11kg
Night Operations Yes, with optional Constant Current Module
2024 Price $830
Bushfire-rated $900



The most popular – SW-AU-R-40

Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-40

Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-40

The Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-40 is the largest domestic ventilator.   This is by far the most popular & powerful unit, suitable for homes up to or beyond 250 square meters. It also suits smaller commercial applications such as warehouses, factories, stables, offices, etc.   Ideal for moving a large volume of air very quickly, the Solar Whiz SW-AU-R-40 is your answer.

Back view of Solarwhiz in Queensland

Back view of Solarwhiz in Queensland


When shading is a problem where you want to install the solar roof ventilator, you can use this model with the solar panel mounted separately.

Sometimes it is not practical to install Solar Roof Ventilators in a place where they will get full sunlight all day.   To overcome shading problems you can buy the SolarWhiz SW-AU-R-40 solar roof ventilator with a separate solar panel, that can be installed up to 8m away.   This unit has the benefit of a lower profile, so it is not so prominent on the roof, and in some cases may not be seen at all.

Solarwhiz RAF2300 solar ventilator with remote solar panel

Solarwhiz RAF2300 solar ventilator with remote solar panel

Specifications of SW-AU-R-40

Capacity 2300 Cubic Metres per Hour (m³/h)
1354 Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm)
PV Wattage 40 Watt
Fan Decibel <60 Decibels (dBA)
Dimensions 560mm × 360mm × 330mm
Weight 14kg
Night Operations Yes, with Constant Current Module (add-on)
2024 Price $999
Bushfire-rated $1070



Solar Whiz Adjustable Thermostat

Adjustable Thermostat

  • Using the thermostat, you can control exactly when the Solar Heat Extractor will operate – only when the temperature exceeds your preset limit.
  • This means that once your set temperature is exceeded during summer, all hot air is extracted from the roof, but during winter the thermostat can be set to retain the heat, and help keep the house warm

Adjustable Thermostat $95


Solar Whiz Night Operations (Constant Current) Pack

Now you can operate your solar ventilator at night, long after the sun has gone down.

Solar Whiz Night operations pack

This mains-power Night Operation Pack cuts in whenever the sun is not shining bright enough to run the fan.    It boosts the solar ventilator from the mains during the day whenever the sunlight is reduced or the day is cloudy.    And it will run the Solar Roof Ventilator at night, as well.    Ideal for very hot homes or workplaces, or stuffy or dusty environments, that you want to clear the air overnight so that they are nice and fresh by morning.

The top-up of power works completely automatically and will operate the fan from solar or from the mains power at any time, based only on the thermostat setting.   It is necessary to install the optional Solar Whiz Adjustable Thermostat in order to install the Solar Whiz Night Pack.    These items are priced separately.

Mains-power Night Operation Pack $195

Wiring Diagram – Solar Whiz night pack


Metal Eave Vents

Metal Eave Vents assist directing the flow of replacement cooler air inside the roof space, and ensure the cooler replacement air will remove heat from all of the ceiling area.  Encourage cool air to pass across the most important parts of the ceiling, that you want to keep the rooms below cool, by fitting the Metal Eave Vents nearest to there.   Make a simple air-flow diagram, showing air-flow from the eave vents to the solar ventilator, to properly locate the Metal Eave Vents.

Galvanised, white painted Eave Vent for solar roof ventilator

Galvanised, white painted Eave Vent

Eave vents are made from powder-coated, galvanized steel with 1.9mm holes, and are bushfire rated, to comply with Australian Standards.  

Metal Eave Vent Dimensions:   

Outside dimensions: 450mm x 250mm    Hole size required: 400mm x 200mm

Price:  $35 each, complete with mounting screw set.

We recommend installing Eave Vents when installing a solar ventilator to ensure sufficient airflow through the roof cavity.   A minimum of four eave vents should be used for each installation, one vent on each side of the house, to encourage even airflow into the roof cavity.

If the house has no eaves then an alternative needs to be found. You can use tile vents or cowls near the corners of the houses. Remember, air behaves like people – it takes the path of least resistance – meaning that the Solar Ventilator will draw the most air from the biggest or nearest vents.  Another alternative may be to use a gable vent (if the house has a gable) as a fresh air inlet.

Alternatively, ceiling vents draw replacement roofspace air from inside the house, and can also be used – and are especially effective for, double story houses – you can install a ceiling vent in the top floor ceiling.   Or if the house has a garage you can install a ceiling vent inside the garage to improve airflow, and to cool the garage.


Adjustable Ceiling Vents

Drawing the air directly from the ceiling of rooms within a house or building, can assist in cooling the rooms, as well as cooling the roof space above.   Ceiling vents are closeable, so that when the building is being heated, they may be closed to prevent loss of heat into the ceiling space.

Installing ceiling vents allows the Solar Roof Ventilator to also cool the rooms

Installing ceiling vents allows the Solar Roof Ventilator to also cool the rooms

The most common use of these ceiling vents is to remove the hottest air directly from uncomfortably hot rooms, or upstairs areas of larger houses.

Adjustable ceiling vents 150mm - 300mm to ventilate the room

Adjustable ceiling vents 150mm – 300mm to ventilate the room


ceiling vent installation

Four different sizes are available:

Model 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm
Nominal Diameter 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300mm
Width 236 mm 288 mm 336 mm 415 mm
Hole Diameter 204 mm 255 mm 306 mm 370 mm
Height (open) 97 mm 114 mm 140 mm 180 mm
  $48 $55 $65 $75

Ceiling vents can also used to reduce humidity, damp, mould or mildew problems within houses.  A ceiling vent installed in the top of a cupboard, or walk-in robe, or room that is badly affected by poor air circulation, will change the room entirely.   In bad cases, a ceiling vent may need to be installed in more than one room of the house, to provide good fresh air circulation, and remove all the damp or stale air.   Installing ceiling vents can also be in addition to installing eave vents.   When installing ceiling vents, it is recommended to use a larger model solar ventilator to allow for the extra space being ventilated, as the air may be drawn from both the roof space/eave vents and from the interior of the house.


Gable-mounted roof ventilators with remote solar panel

When you don’t want to make a hole in your roof, consider installing the gable-mounted solar ventilator

Solar whiz gable mount ventilator SV3000

Dimensions:  Hole diameter: 300mm, Flange diameter: 500mm, Depth: 200mm

No ducting is required, the flange-mounted solar ventilator will draw heat directly from the ceiling space, or room underneath.  

Installation is simple.   Cut a hole in the wall, fit the solar ventilator fan, adjustable thermostat, and the louvered safety cover, install the remote solar panel on a nearby roof or wall. and that’s all.   It’s ready to go!

Gable mount ventilator fan safety cover

 Fan Dimensions:  Required hole diameter: 300mm, flange diameter: 500mm, depth: 200mm


 Specifications of Gable Solar Ventilation Fans.

Kits contain ventilator fan and safety cover, or louvres, solar panel,  solar panel with adjustable mounting frame, and 5 metres of connecting wire.

Fan model SW-RAF-W-2000 SW-RAF-W-2500 SW-RAF2100G
 24 volt 28-watt Wall mount 40-watt wall-mount 40-watt Gable
 Airflow Up to 2000 m3/hr Up to 2500 m3/hr Up to 2100 m3/hr
 Speed 1000 rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
 Current draw  amp  amp 2.1 amp
 Noise level  40 dBA 40 dBA 40 dBA
Solar panel 28 watt 20 watt 35 watt
2024 Prices $600 $680 $825
Louvre cover $180



 Installation instructions – metal roof

 Installation instructions – tiled roof


As a guest, I would like to offer you a free copy of my ebook “Cooling your home for free” (usually $9.95) to help you understand the simple principles to be followed to get the most effective performance from fitting these devices.  Enjoy the read, and any helpful comments would be appreciated.

Cooling your home for free book

“Cooling your home for free” ebook – free download


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