Home Solar Power

Home Solar Power


Safe, reliable home solar power systems, to suit your needs and your budget.

Australian Tindo solar panels

Australian-made Tindo solar panels in Melbourne – May 2023

Australian-made Tindo solar panel details here:


  • Eliminate your daytime power costs.
  • Let us assess whether it’s worth installing batteries.
  • Government rebates are still available.  We do the paperwork.
  • You can have as many solar panels as you want by using export control metering.
  • Consider whether a Wind generator can boost your solar performance.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.   All our customers are delighted with the result!


Jinko 440 panels in Queensland

Country Queensland – 16 Jinko 440 solar panels – June 2023

Jinko solar panel details are here:


How to get started:

– Call us, email us, or fill in the form below:


What you can expect from us:

  • Courteous, helpful service at all times.
  • Free assessment.   You get a ‘no charge – no obligation’ energy-use assessment after providing us with a recent bill.
  • Careful engineering.   Each solar power system is carefully designed to suit your roof and your needs.
  • Experience.    You get more than 40 years experience of in reliable and safe on-site installations.
  • All paperwork completed.   All applications, rebate paperwork, and certificates – are taken care of by us!
  • Satisfaction guarantee.   Sound warranties on all components.    Just sit back and confidently enjoy the benefits!


410w Tindo panels on a tile roof

Connecting Tindo solar panels on a tile roof


  • We carefully manage all aspects of your project, from design to completion
  • Our emphasis is on safety and environmental management
  • Solar power systems require minimal maintenance, however, we recommend our regular safety check and cleaning service
  • This ensures your new solar power system remains safe, and delivering its maximum potential.


For those wanting more technical information about our systems:

Solar panels

Inverter information

Solar systems with battery back-up



Why not invite us to prepare you a careful, quality quote?

Queensland:    (07) 5448 8304      qld @ solazone.com.au

Victoria:            (03) 9808 7337      vic @ solazone.com.au

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