How to add wind to your solar system

Adding wind to existing solar systems


windverter 800

Grid-connected Windverter 800 near Geelong


Do you want to install a wind generator to get free power after the sun goes down?   

First, these are essential, otherwise, you are wasting your time and money:

  • Sufficient, clean, consistent (no eddies) wind where the wind generator is to be located.
  • At least 10 metres distance to the closest building, tree, hill, or anything else that could affect the wind.
  • Comply with any local Council regulations.   (This may include restrictions on height, visual appearance, noise, or even the neighbours not liking it.)
  • Our wind generators charge a low voltage (48v) battery, and batteries must be installed in a safe location where they cannot cause injury, damage, or fire.
  • Some existing 48-volt batteries combine perfectly with our wind generators, and others do not.  Call us for details.
  • If you are considering upgrading an existing solar power system, consider including a hybrid (low-voltage) solar inverter that will allow for connection to a wind generator.


What are you wanting to do?

 1. Add a wind generator to an existing grid-connected solar power system

 2. Install a wind generator to a hybrid solar system with an existing 48-volt battery

 3. Add a wind generator to solar power with a high-voltage (eg Tesla) battery

 4. Connect a wind generator to an off-grid solar power system


wind and solar on a house

1. Add a wind generator to an existing grid-connected solar power system.

We do not supply direct 240-volt AC wind generators, however, you can:

  1. Replace your existing solar inverter with a suitable hybrid inverter and low-voltage battery, and connect the wind turbine via the solar battery.
  2. Install a Selectronic inverter and Powerplus Energy battery, with the wind generator output being controlled and monitored by the Selectronic inverter.  Currently, the wind energy may be only used in the house to reduce cost, and not exported to the grid for credit.
  3. Use your existing Latronics PV Edge 1200 inverter, and connect your solar panels, inverter, and wind generator all to the same battery.


SPMC480 inverter

SPMC480 inverter


2. Add a wind generator to a solar power system with a 48-volt battery

For an existing solar power system with a 48-volt battery, you will need a suitable hybrid inverter and battery.

Usually, a hybrid inverter that is connected to the battery will monitor the state of charge of the battery and determine when the battery power will be used, and when it must be recharged.  Grid-connected batteries are usually smaller than those for stand-alone systems, and therefore it is critical to control any excess power.   Different battery types have different charge parameters – for instance, lead-acid and gel-type batteries are treated differently from many lithium batteries.

Ask for assistance to select the right wind generator controller for your type of battery.


3. Add a wind generator to a solar power system with a high-voltage battery (eg Tesla battery)

tesla powerwall 2

We cannot charge these batteries directly.  In this case, the wind generator is connected to the house’s electricity rather than the battery.   The wind power will be used in the house to supplement any solar power but will not be exported to the grid if there is an oversupply.

Included in the kit are a Selectronic inverter, a Powerplus Energy 48-volt lithium battery, a battery case, and an isolator.   The Selectronic inverter is programmed to charge or discharge the lithium battery as required, and the wind generator controller is responsible for ensuring that the battery never gets overfilled.   Currently, it is not allowed to export to the grid from the battery via the Selectronic inverter.




4. Add a wind generator to an off-grid solar power system

This is perhaps the simplest of all.  The wind generator is connected to the existing battery bank via a charge controller, isolator, and battery fuse.   We provide a wind turbine manual braking switch for high wind events or when the battery needs to be disconnected.    This can prevent excessive wind generator speed from burning out the controller.

Some off-grid lithium batteries with an inverter-connected BMS may present a problem, so please discuss this with us before proceeding.

In some cases, we have provided small wind-charged lighting systems to run independently alongside grid-connected household power.


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