Off-grid power control cabinets

Solazone off-grid power control cabinets


Pre-wired control cabinets made for quick, easy installations

Control cabinet with Dingo 20

Control cabinet with Dingo 20

The solar regulator, fuse switch (with 3 fuses), shunt, PLS2 shunt adaptor, and solar panel input isolators, are all pre-wired on an insulated board, inside a lockable steel weatherproof cabinet. Also included are labelled brass terminals for inverter, batteries and battery charger. The cabinet includes built-in double-pole isolators for the solar panels, and bypass switch for the PL regulator so it maintains it’s memory and settings, for when the main battery fuse is withdrawn during servicing.

This is a completely pre-wired and labelled cabinet, with safety signage – all you have to do is connect the batteries, solar supply, inverter and battery charger – and it’s ready to go!






Five standard models are available:

Each model has a different regulator, together with the correctly – sized fuses and safety switches suited to that sized system.

Dingo 20 and Fuse set

Dingo 20 and Fuse set

Solar and inverter Isolators

Solar and inverter Isolators

Upgrading the system voltage from 12 to 24 or 48 volts, or adding more solar panels later, is really easy, with only minor alterations. Cabinets come fitted with Plasmatronics regulators – PL20, PL40, PL60, or Outback 80 amp maximum power point tracking regulators.

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  • Solazone pre-wired cabinets not only save a lot of time on site but also result in better and safer solar power systems.
  • Installations are safer and more professional because there are no dangerous exposed wires or bare terminals anywhere.
  • The large, brass terminals are all clearly labelled, thereby reducing the possibility of incorrect wiring.
  • All fuses and switches are rated for the specific project.
  • Solar installers and electricians can save time and money by using these pre-wired cabinets and just connecting up the main items.


Model Solar regulator type
Fuse set
P20 Plasmatronics PL20 160/65/160
P40 Plasmatronics PL40 160/65/160
P80 Plasmatronics PL80 250/100/250
M80 Outback FM 80 160/65/160
M280 2 x Outback FM 80 250/100/250

Custom models are also available if your system does not fit one of the standard cabinets made.


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