About Solar Roof Ventilators

How Solar Roof Ventilators add comfort to your home


Solar roof ventilators do a fantastic job of cooling your home or workplace by removing volumes of hot air for free.

They work hard all day, every day, to keep the roof space cool, so it’s like having a shade umbrella over your house.

We have tested Australia’s leading brands of solar ventilators and offer you the best-performing models.


solar roof ventilator installation


What is a solar roof ventilator?

Sectional view of a solar roof ventilator

A sectional view of a solar roof ventilator

Solar Roof Ventilators cool houses, garages, commercial buildings, offices, factories, warehouses, schools, gyms, nursing homes, sheds, beach houses, caravans & indoor swimming pools.   

If you have any place that gets too hot, remove the heat all day, for free, and feel the comfort.


How does a Solar Roof Ventilator work?

Diagram showing a solar roof ventilator cooling the roof space

Diagram showing a solar ventilator cooling the roof space


  • Solar Roof Ventilators quietly remove heat from your roof or ceiling space, all day, every day, starting from first light.
  • Because heat no longer builds up inside the ceiling space, it doesn’t radiate down into the house through the ceiling, day or night.
  • Therefore the rooms underneath feel cooler and more comfortable.  Very simple, and very effective.
  • Solar-powered  – increased comfort, but with no running cost – Save hundreds of dollars in energy bills.
  • Drastically improves air conditioning performance – they don’t need to work as hard, or as often – and you live in a fresher-air environment.
  • Solar Roof Ventilators run best when it’s sunny and hot, and that’s when the heat problem is usually at its worst.


 Why these work, and  how they work >>>>>


Solar roof ventilators can dramatically increase the efficiency of ducted air conditioning systems, by cooling the roof space where the ducts lay, to effectively cool the house.


Compare a solar roof ventilator with a cheaper “Whirlybird”

  • A Solar Roof Ventilator extracts up to 20 times the volume of hot air than a wind-driven ventilator.
  • The solar roof ventilator works best when the sun is out, and the weather is hot, regardless of any breeze.
  • Solar roof ventilators don’t make noise at night or cause drafts in cold weather.
  • Solar roof ventilators extract hot air fast, exactly when the heat needs to be removed – that is, on hot days when the sun is shining!  
  • Solar ventilators run the whole day, from early morning, so the roof space never gets to heat up.
  • The difference in the cooling effect is remarkable.   Ask anyone who has made the change.   


Solar roof ventilators that suit any roof type, slope, or direction.

Solar whiz SW2100-RAF solar roof ventilator fitted to metal tray roof in Melbourne

Installation on a cliplock metal tray roof in Melbourne



Solar Whiz SW1400-RAF solar roof ventilator on west-facing tile roof

Installation on a west-facing concrete tile roof


Solar whiz solar roof ventilator can face any direction or angle

Adaptable and can face any direction or angle

Models that we recommend:

1.  Solazone – high-performance Solazone models

2.  Solar Whiz – premium Australian-made models


What size best suits my house?

Remember – when you want the heat removed, you want it all removed!  

Up-size for better performance.  Don’t buy one that is too small.


Bushfire safety mesh.

  • Some roof-mounted models can be supplied with small-grade mesh (1.5 mm openings) to comply with Bush Fire Standards.
  • Airflow is reduced by around 30%, so always go up a size to get the equivalent airflow effect.


Adjustable Thermostat.

Adjustable Thermostat

Adjustable Thermostat $88

  • Control exactly when the solar ventilator will operate – set the starting temperature.
  • Once your set temperature is exceeded, all hot air is extracted from the roof, but during winter the thermostat can be set to retain the heat and help keep the house warm


Night Operations (Constant Current) Pack.

Solar Whiz Night operations pack

  • Cuts in whenever the sun is not shining bright enough to run the fan at full speed.    
  • Boosts the performance from the mains on cloudy days and at night.   
  • Improves very hot homes or workplaces, or stuffy or dusty environments to freshen the air overnight.
  • Power top-up works automatically and operates the fan firstly from solar, and from the mains when not enough sun, based on the thermostat setting. 


SolarWhiz Wiring Diagram with night operations pack


Solazone solar ventilator sv3200f-roof

Solazone Vogue solar ventilator on a colorbond roof.

Waterproof installation of sv3500 solar ventilator

Water-tight installation of Ventura solar ventilator on clip lock roof.

Alley Cat on a black tile roof

Alley Cat on a black tile roof


Metal Eave Vents.

Metal Eave Vents assist in directing the flow of replacement cooler air inside the roof space, and ensure the cooler replacement air will remove heat from all of the ceiling area.

Bushfire-rated Eave Vents - 450 x 250

Bushfire-rated Eave Vents – 450 x 250


Adjustable Ceiling Vents.

Drawing air directly from the ceiling of rooms within a house or building effectively assists in cooling the rooms, as well as cooling the roof space above.  

Ceiling vents are closeable, to retain building heat in winter.

Installing ceiling vents allows the Solar Roof Ventilator to also cool the rooms

Use ceiling vents to remove the hottest air directly from uncomfortably hot rooms, or upstairs areas of larger houses.

Adjustable ceiling vents 150mm - 300mm to ventilate the room

Adjustable ceiling vents 150 mm – 300 mm


ceiling vent installation


Industrial Solar Ventilators.

Really BIG solar ventilators for the really BIG jobs, like whole factories, etc.

Solarwhiz 155w roof ventilator underside

Solarwhiz 155w roof ventilator underside

Details of Industrial solar ventilators here:


“Wow. What a difference Solazone has made to our home’s interior comfort levels.
We thought “Whirly Birds” were the way to go until a friend recommended the Solazone  Solar Roof Ventilators.
Unbelievable, the difference in extraction levels, no noise, and no added running costs.
From the initial contact with Solazone Queensland to installation, all ran smoothly.
What a pleasure dealing with a company so efficient, passionate and knowledgeable about its wide range of products.
All dealings with Carolyn and Ernest were handled promptly, in an efficient, professional, clear, polite and explanatory manner.
Such a rewarding experience dealing with another friendly, approachable and expanding local business.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this company and its product range.
Robert, Maleny. Queensland.  March 2017


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Once again, see our best-performing Solar Roof Ventilator products right here:

1. Solazone Solar Roof Ventilators

2. Solar Whiz roof ventilators


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