Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Solar-powered Swimming Pool Pumps


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Run your swimming pool directly from the sun, without power cost.

Clean pool water all day, every day, for no running cost.

Brand new models for the 2016 – 2017 season

Solar DC pumps for swimming pools - 370w to 2000w

Solar powered brushless DC swimming pool pumps

Now six new models – 370w to 2000w

“New feature” – Optional AC Switch allows the pump to run from the mains at night, if required.

There is a size to suit any swimming pool, from tiny spas to large outdoor feature pools.

Filter your swimming pool anywhere Рin remote places, filtering domestic pools off the grid, aerating water in fish farms where there is no power, and for transferring water from dams.   The centrifugal design of the pump allows suspended or dissolved solids in the water, without damage.

Six sizes available, from 370 watts to 2000 watts, all dependable, and using free solar power power supply.

The smallest pump runs from just two solar panels, in both summer and winter. 

Happily, it runs for longer during the summer, when the bather load is heavier, and the pool requires more filtering. 

During winter, there is still enough filtration and sanitation, even if the weather is cloudy.


Pump performance :

Solar powered pool pumps performance details

Solar powered pool pumps performance details

These solar powered pumps incorporate a high efficiency air-cooled brush-less 3 phase dc motor, operating from two or more solar panels.   Precise delivery of solar power is supplied by a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller. that extracts the maximum usable power from the solar panels, under any sunlight conditions.   

This means that you generate the maximum electric power for the pump to run at any time during the daylight hours,  to filter the water over the full day.   Longer running times over the summer months easily ensure sufficient pool filtration occurs, even with the higher bather loads experienced.

  • No grid connection, run directly from solar panels
  • Easily installed as a separate system, or with an existing filter.
  • Save money by not using your high grid feed-in tariffs.
  • Match the filter running time to pool usage – more in summer, less in winter.
  • Ideal for any type of pool, using only solar energy.
  • Off-the-grid swimming, without wasting battery power.
  • No CO2 generated by filtering the pool this way.
  • Safe, clean, sanitised water always.
Pump Model Volts

Flow lpm

Max lift m


Input Power w

370w 48 183 8 57 500
550w 48 267 12 58 750
750w 72 283 13 86 1000
1100w 110 350 15 152 1500
1500w 150 416 16 180 2000
2200w 220 650 21 264 3250

Pumps include the matching DC controller, ready for connecting to the solar panels.

Solar panels, frames, DC isolators, enclosures and cables are all supplied separately.


Solar Power pump kits.


  • Simax solar panels – 12 years warranty, 25 year output guarantee.
  • Mounting frames for the solar panels (specify metal or tiled roof)
  • DC switches
  • DC Cable connectors and 10m of DC twin solar cable
  • Installation diagram

These pumps need to be connected by a certified electrical contractor.

Pump Size Solar panels recommended
370w 500w
550w 750w
750w 1000w
1100w 1500w
1500w 2000w
2200w 3250w


Splash Pool & Spa Show – training video.


Recommended Filter:

For a completely solar-powered solar pool filtration system, we recommend this vortex / cartridge combination filter.     No running costs, and minimal water wasted, along with exceptional cleaning ability, with the best quality water for bathing.    We can add a compatible solar heating option for year-round fun in most climate zones.

NO greenhouse gases created once the system is installed, no power costs, and almost maintenance-free.

MultiCyclone vortex filter for solar powered pool filtration

Vortex filter for solar powered filtration system

The filter is the latest design multicyclone filter, which removes over 90% of the particles from the water before the water gets final-filtered through a washable catridge filer.

The filter technology is based on the latest cyclone fluid technology, as used for modern household vacuum cleaners, the cyclone pool filter spins out most of the water contaminants before they even reach the final filtration stage. Tests have shown that up to 95% of the pool contaminants are removed before reaching the final filtration stage.

The small back pressure losses of the vortex filter are much less than those from forcing the pool water through a thick bed of sand. This means that more power is available for pumping water, rather than for overcoming system losses.

The final (3rd) stage of the filtration process is through a fine cartridge filer, that is quickly cleaned with a hose.

There is minimal water lost – no back washing – and two alternative methods of sanitation are recommended :-

– a dc Ioniser, using silver and copper electrodes,

Рor  Salt Chlorinator, together with optional ozone purification, for the best quality water available.

‚ÄĘ Dual stage filtration
‚ÄĘ Ultra compact
‚ÄĘ Ease of maintenance
‚ÄĘ Save time, water and energy
‚ÄĘ 2 year warranty


DC Pump Installation guide.


The solar pump controller may be used in the battery mode or the solar mode.

When used in the solar mode, there is no need to connect a battery.   It will run off the solar panels. The battery / solar slide switch also has a middle (off) position, which MUST be used when connecting any wires to the controller.

  • 1.The MPPT pump controller is mounted in a transparent plastic case. This case is not designed to protect the controller from exposure to weather or direct sunlight, and must be installed in a well-protected, shaded place.
  • 2.Make sure that the slide switch is in the centre (OFF) position whilst connecting any wires to the controller. Any damage caused to the controller by not having the switch in the OFF position during connection, is not covered by the warranty.
  • 3.The voltage of the battery must be nominal 48 volts, and must never exceed 100 volts.
  • 4.The solar panels must be connected¬†last. Solar array voltage (Voc) is not to exceed 110 volts at any time. Use solar panels supplied.
  • 5.Check polarity of all connections is correct before switching on.
  • 6.After connecting the wires to battery, pump and solar panels, switch the controller to the preferred operating mode. Incorrect connections may cause damage to the controller, and is not covered under warranty.
  • 7.The pump strainer must be filled with water before use. Running the pump dry may damage the pump.
  • 8.Once the pump is running, make sure that the pump is operating in the correct direction, and is pumping water. Incorrect direction will result in poor performance and damage the pump.
  • 9.If switched in battery mode, and the battery becomes flat, the controller will automatically operate in solar mode, and run the pump from the solar panels, whilst also recharging the battery.
  • 10.Keep the MPPT controller dry, and free from insects, and it should provide a very long service life.


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