Remove stale air from nursing homes & workplaces

Remove stale air from nursing homes & workplaces


Remove odours from a nursing home

A highly efficient, solar-powered stale air extraction system that is great for automatically removing stale air and odour from areas in nursing homes and rehabilitation hospitals.   Prevent accidental smells from contaminating large public areas, by whisking them away before they can escape along corridors into community areas.   This system encourages safe distribution of fresh air throughout the centre, without causing draughts or uncomfortable cold patches.

ceiling vent diffusers for removing smell from nursing home

Ceiling vent used for safe removal of stale air from a nursing home.


In nursing homes, odours are not easy to control as they occur in so many locations and are unpredictable, yet constant, in nature.   Nursing home odours get into the bedding, walls, carpets, and furniture, and are stubborn and difficult to remove using cleaning supplies and air fresheners alone.   Nursing home odour control is needed in all the normal and expected places such as the patient’s bedrooms, restrooms, and the kitchen, and there needs to be a solution put in place that can overcome the inconvenience associated with all the mishaps and accidents that can occur in any place, at any time.

Nursing home odours occur in care facilities where the guests tend to have a lot of medical problems and spend a great deal of time in their beds, and, as well as having the normal body odours to deal with, will also have more than average food and drink spills, and bodily fluid accidents.    These, as well as being unpleasant to smell, will have microorganisms present which will multiply and cause bacteria and toxins to thrive in the location.   Therefore it is very important for nursing home odours to be dealt with continuously, as they occur, so as not to cause complications to the residents’ health and happiness or discomfort to visitors and staff around them.

Remove smell from nursing home

The simple, straightforward and reliable answer is to extract stale or contaminated air from the building near its source.    The Solazone solar-powered extractor fan removes odours and stale air all day, every day, allowing that air to be replaced by the nursing home’s own fresh treated air conditioning system.

Often, the ceiling extraction vents are installed towards both ends of the corridor that links the bedrooms or wards together.   This will quickly collect odour emanating from a particular room, draw it towards the ends of the corridor, and straight out of the building, rather than infiltrating nearby rooms.   This has been shown to be very effective in many cases.

Eliminate bad smells in nursing homes

In some nursing homes there is air conditioning at one end of a corridor or walkway, and the cool air never quite reaches the other end, which remains hot and uncomfortable.     Rather than install another aircon unit, the solar air extraction fan can be used to draw the cold air from the cooler end of the corridor towards the hotter end, by extracting the hot and stale air directly to the outside.    This system can work all day, every day, with a higher rate of hot air removal on the sunniest days, when the solar fan works harder.


How does the system work?

The solar-powered extraction fan runs directly from a solar panel mounted on top.     The brighter the sunlight, the faster the fan spins and the more air is removed.    How simple is that???

A big advantage is the fan starts from first light, and runs all day, without costing any money to run, or even requiring an electrician to wire it in.

During the night time, most patients are sleeping, so there is no need to expel foul air and smells, and the solar extraction fan is not required to run.

For those requiring 24-hour operation, some models are available with night operation packs, thermostats or battery back-up.

SV3200F solar roof ventilator for smell extraction

Solazone solar-powered odour extraction unit.


How do I get started to fix this problem?

For a comprehensive analysis and a quote to solve odour problems in your nursing home, please contact one of our offices.

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Solazone air extraction systems are easily installed by any qualified roof plumber or experienced airconditioning duct person.

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