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Tindo panel perspective

Everybody should have a panel this advanced.


The Tindo Karra – PERC MONO solar panels are manufactured in Australia at the Mawson Lakes manufacturing facility. Industry and prospective clients are invited to book a time to visit the factory to watch panels being created.

You will love the Tindo Karra, the most beautiful solar panel … in the world.

Designed and manufactured as a module without compromise.  Partnering with global solar industry leaders who zealously value their fine reputations.  Tindo Solar is proud to be associated with them.

Tindo solar Australian made

Tindo Karra solar modules give you a minimum of 25 years of long-term outstanding performance thanks to Tindo Solar’s premium quality.  Tindo’s performance has undisputedly outperformed the competition on durability hence “Australian Made” stands for something!



Tindo Karra half-cell PERC 410w modules are available from our Burwood warehouse

With over 10 years and six generations of high-tech Australian manufacturing excellence at Technology Park Mawson
Lakes, Tindo Solar’s latest module is the first from the new purpose-built state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
Tindo is synonymous for the highest standards of quality, durability and reliability. Recent independent reviews of module
performance at the Government funded Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC Alice Spings), confirms that
Tindo outperforms ALL manufacturers’ modules tested currently available in Australia. Check out the Tindo Solar
performance for yourself http://dkasolarcentre.com.au/locations/alice-springs/graphs?sources=64

  • 410w Mono Perc 60 Cell Black Frame with White Back Sheet
410w Tindo panels on a tile roof

410w Tindo panels on a tile roof


Tindo Karra 410w Specifications and Brochure 

25-Year Product & Replacement Warranty

After 10 years of production, Tindo’s installed module fleet failure rate is some 200 times lower than our competitors,   Hence we have an increased product warranty of 25 years.   Our warranty is exceptionally customer-friendly, easy to understand, and offers long-term security.`



Tindo 330w panels

Tindo 330w panels installation

We have limited numbers of Tindo 330w solar panels remaining in stock at Burwood.


Brochure here: https://www.tindosolar.com.au/our-panels



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