Trojan Deep cycle Batteries

Trojan Batteries

Trojan batteries (Made in USA) are good quality batteries with good deep cycling ability.

They are an excellent choice for smaller solar power systems, and we have installations where these batteries are still working 12 years later.

Trojan Flooded BatteriesThe Signature Line of deep-cycle flooded batteries is the flagship of Trojan’s product portfolio. Engineered to provide rugged durability and outstanding performance, Trojan’s Signature Line is perfectly suited for use in renewable energy systems where lowest life-cycle cost is the key consideration. An all around power house, the Signature Line features Trojan’s historically-proven engineering with T2 Technology, an advanced battery technology for maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy.

1 – Trojan Grid Technology 
Trojan’s grid technology is a lead antimony alloy grid mixture formulated for use with Trojan’s Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™. The grid formulation provides exceptional structural adhesion between the Alpha Plus Paste and the grid frame. Thick grids reinforce the strength of the frame and reduce overall corrosion. The overall grid configuration is optimized to enhance current flow through the grid network providing exceptional battery performance, reducing downtime and lowering overall maintenance costs.


2 – Maxguard® T2 Separator
Available in Trojan’s Signature Line of deep-cycle flooded batteries is our Maxguard® T2 advanced separator. Trojan’s Maxguard T2 separator features a multi-rib geometry which keeps acid channels open longer enhancing electrochemical processing while reducing the risk of stratification. Maxguard’s proprietary rubber-based material formulation inhibits antimony transfer between the positive grids and negative plates; a protection not available in many other competitor batteries. A fortified, thick back web provides even greater separator strength resulting in a more robust battery with increased protection against failures caused by separator degradation. Trojan’s Maxguard T2 advanced separator sustains performance providing exceptionally longer battery life and significantly lowering your operating costs.

3 – Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™
Trojan’s Alpha Plus Paste is a proprietary, high-density paste formulation precisely engineered to deliver outstanding battery performance. This high-density paste optimizes porosity development in the active material utilizing the active material more effectively resulting in sustained battery performance over a longer period of time. Trojan’s T2 Technology features a patent-pending T2 metal agent which is incorporated into Trojan’s Alpha Plus Paste further strengthening the electrochemical processing capabilities of Alpha Plus Paste. Together Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology increase both sustained capacity and total overall ampere-hours resulting in more operating power for your application. It’s a key reason why Trojan batteries consistently outperform the competition.


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Designed for deep cycling applications, these batteries give long service where they are used and recharged daily.
With over 80 years of experience, USA based Trojan Battery Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of deep cycle battery technology. Decades of experience, research and dedication have gone into creating a truly top quality range of deep cycle batteries.


20-Hr Rate 100-Hr Rate Length Width Height
24TMX 85 94 12 volt 286 171 248 21
27TMX 105 117 12 volt 324 171 248 25
27TMH 115 128 12 volt 324 171 248 28
30XHS 130 144 12 volt 355 171 256 30
J150 150 166 12 volt 351 181 283 38
J185P-AC 205 226 12 volt 381 178 371 58
T-605 210 232 6 volt 264 181 276 28
J185H-AC 225 249 12 volt 381 178 371 58
T-105 225 250 6 volt 264 181 276 28
T-125 240 266 6 volt 264 181 276 30
T-145 260 287 6 volt 264 181 295 33
J305P-AC 330 367 6 volt 295 178 365 44
J305H-AC 360 400 6 volt 295 178 365 45
L16P 420 467 6 volt 295 178 424 52
L16H 435 483 6 volt 295 178 424 57
L16HG-AC* 435 483 6 volt 311 178 417 57

At the moment there is a supply problem with Trojan batteries, and we are able to supply similar-sized Korean brand Predator batteries for some applications.

Here is a data sheet:  Predator Data Sheet -gc2-dt126-240


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