Pool Blankets & Covers

Pool Blankets & Cover Information


What they do:

  • Warm up the water in your pool – up to 5 degrees increase!
  • Cut water loss from evaporation, by up to 90%
  • Keep the pool water clean – keep dirt and leaves out
  • Save money on chemicals – halve salt & chemicals costs
  • Reduce heat loss by up to 75% – saves money on gas, and makes the solar heating more effective.


 1.  Solar Pool Blankets

Quality solar bubble blanket lets sunlight warm the pool water

Quality solar bubble blanket lets sunlight warm the pool water

  • Transparent to solar radiation, lets the sun directly warm the pool water.
  • The closer to the surface, the hotter the water will become, so best to run the filter occasionally to mix up the water.
  • Drastically reduce the heat and chemical loss due to evaporation, and wind loss, and also radiated heat loss during the night.

Read more details here.

 2.  Thermal Pool Blankets

Thermal pool cover for best heat retention

Thermal pool cover for best heat retention

  • Thermal pool covers are insulating covers that keep the pool warmer by reducing heat loss.
  • ThermoTech™ foam pool covers are made from 3mm thick, cross linked Polyethylene (PE) closed cell PE foam.
  • Blanket consists of three layers and is flame-bonded on both sides to a UV-stabilised, waterproof, non-toxic and chemical resistant woven material called Canvacon.
  • The double-sided encasing allows it to be inverted, resulting in significantly extending its lifespan.

Read more details here.

 3.  How to measure a pool for a pool blanket

Find out the cost for a new pool cover for your pool.  The first thing is to measure the length and width of your pool.

These two numbers multiplied will provide a square metre figure from which to calculate the cost of your choice of pool cover. 

 4.  How to install a pool blanket

Installation of a solar pool blanket can be a simple procedure, and with care, the solar blanket should fit neatly on your pool, effectively cutting the costs of heating and cleaning.

Learn how to install the solar pool blanket here.

 5.  Care and maintenance tips

Your pool blanket should be protected from high temperatures, and direct sunlight when not on the pool.

All plastic materials will naturally deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.

Find out how to care for your solar pool blanket, and make it last longer.


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