Catchpower relay

Control a wide variety of loads by values of export, voltage, frequency, and time, or a combination thereof.

CATCH Solar Relay can now act as the energy meter for single-phase Goodwe and Fronius inverters.  A single product to do Load Control and Inverter Control!

Export limit graph

Program for export limit and variable output values quickly and easily through the CATCH Power app.

Export Limiting and Inverter Control

Site export limiting is increasingly becoming part of every solar installation. In many locations that export limiting means limiting exports to zero.

Traditionally, the hardware required for this job has been an energy meter.  The role of the energy meter is to monitor the power flow on site and report that information back to the inverter.

CATCH Solar Relay is a bilingual device, it knows how to speak with many inverters, and the list is constantly growing.

Simply run two wires from CATCH Solar Relay to your inverter, and you no longer need an energy meter.


Load Control

Turning loads on and off with the rise and fall of solar production is the primary tool used to maximise self-consumption. Now the same device that is controlling your inverter can be controlling the site loads, no need for any other device.

CATCH Solar Relay not only control the site loads, but it controls them exactly the way you wished they could be controlled.

Imagine you have a load you wanted to run only when solar exports exceed 3kW, but if the load does not run for at least 3 hours during the solar day you want it to run later in the day…well all this is possible, and much, much more.

CATCH Solar Relay gives the flexibility and simplicity that you would expect from a product designed and built for the solar industry. CATCH Solar Relay can be programmed to switch based on exported power, voltage, frequency, and time, or any combination of these.


Consumption Monitoring

Solar customers are happy when they can see their solar production, and energy consumption.   CATCH Solar Relay provides this.

CATCH Solar Relay is in control of the inverter and many of the loads, which means it is able to send detailed information back to the inverter’s very own monitoring platform, providing detailed, real-time data that your customers can use to better manage energy consumption patterns.

There is no additional hardware needed for the monitoring. If you install CATCH Solar Relay and connect it to the inverter, you get the real-time data on your inverter’s monitoring platform with no extra work.

Cloud Tethering allows us to Control loads and Inverters based on a
Wi-Fi signal rather than a CT reading.

Control loads anywhere based on conditions somewhere…

Why use Cloud Tethering?
Do you have a property with multiple loads spread out across your property?
Do you have multiple phases at your property?
Do you have multiple phases at your property?

Is the inverter installed nowhere near the meter point?

An example of this would be a farming property with one large array and multiple dwellings. Under this scenario each property could be kilometers apart, on the one NMI and have private Wi-Fi connections.

With Cloud Tethering and multiple CATCH Power Solar Relay’s we can control each properties individual hot water system or pumps to a feeder tank.

There are less extreme applications under this scenario, it could be a Pool Heater on a sub board. Or a solar system on a shed and loads at the home that need to be controlled that under normal circumstances we would not have been.

CATCH Solar Relay can now also be used as the energy meter for installations where the inverter is not installed near the metering point.

How does Cloud Tethering Work

When you connect a CATCH Solar Relay to the internet, all of its power readings are sent to our cloud platform. We call the cloud platform EDDEWORLD.
Normally the CATCH Solar Relay relies on measurements from its CT’s to perform its load control and inverter control functions.
If you tell a CATCH Solar Relay to become Cloud Tethered, the relay stops using its CT’s and uses measurement data received from our EDDEWORLD Cloud platform.

Cloud Tethering is now here for Inverter Control

CATCH Power are working hard to make installing solar easier for the installer and more rewarding for the system owner.  Never has self-consumption of solar been easier to set up and utilise.  The industry technology and design demands from regulators are changing quickly, plus pricing pressure is at an all-time high.  CATCH Power are designing solutions to these challenges every day.

CATCH Power are very excited to announce the addition of Inverter Control via Cloud Tethering technology, to CATCH Solar Relay.  This is utilising the functions required of a smart meter (export limit and consumption data) can now be performed over the internet!  This is the ideal solution where the solar inverter and the metering point are some distance apart, often tens of meters.

This has previously been resolved by digging a trench to run cable or transmitting the RS485 signal via broadcasted comms.  Now all you need is 2x CATCH Solar Relays (one at either end), and connection to the internet, and the work has been done.

This functionality is in addition to our existing ability to control loads via Cloud Tethering.  The control of a load can be based on the solar position at any remote location, but most likely elsewhere on the same electrical network.

At this stage, Cloud Tethered Inverter Control is only available for single-phase inverters.  This technology will transfer over to our three-phase device, due out in 3-6 months.  The current technology is a perfect smart meter solution for split-phase sites where a single-phase inverter is being used.

With a standard 5-year warranty, no other company in the Australian market has offered this level of control and backing for the renewable energy industry.

Easy to set up and even easier to install…


Catch Solar relay type Prices – Sept 2023
Catch Solar relay with a single CT $399
Catch Solar Relay with 2 CTs $447
Catch Power 100A CT 33.3mA $49

Prices from $399 plus delivery, and installation if required.


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