About Us

Our Vision

You know how, since the 1970s, we have been aware of taking too much for granted from the Earth’s resources, without giving much in the way of love back, and hey look, the damage we are doing to this planet is starting to tell in a big way.   And to our peril, we have decimated animal species, destroyed a balanced forest and plant life, and now the air quality, and waterways.    It’s well past time that we all decided to leave a softer footprint, and in that regard, we are here to help.   Solar and wind energy can sustain our lifestyle very well if we let it.

We genuinely stand up for the environment, for wholesome people, for having fun, for respecting all the other species, and for leaving a decent future for all our kids.


Our Mission

Helping us to embrace and use renewable energy throughout the community as the preferred option, through providing quality equipment, professional installations, and expert advice, with integrity, in our daily work.

We strive to serve our community, demonstrating financial, moral, social and spiritual leadership, as opportunities present.

We engage in and encourage, any worthwhile activities that promote the use of low-energy alternatives as an alternative to the overuse of fossil fuels.   Hopefully, you are with us!   Call us if you think we can assist you in any way.

Solazone Victoria sales room

Solazone Victoria sales room

Solazone Victoria sales room

Solazone Victoria sales room

Our Core values

  • Provide quality solar solutions, professional installations, and expert constructive advice.
  • Encourage the use of renewable energy in our community wherever possible.
  • Honour our relations with customers and suppliers by acting with integrity in all our dealings.


About Us

Solazone was established to promote, supply and install solar alternatives under a former trading name in 1983, and was turned into a Company in 2011.   In 2014 Solazone Queensland and Solazone Victoria were formed as separate companies, specialising in their local areas.

We specialise in supplying and distributing a wide range of renewable and solar energy equipment and products.

For quality professional installation, service and repairs to a variety of solar products, and for regular training of installers, dealers and the interested public, we are passionate.

With over 40 years of experience supplying solar energy solutions, Solazone can provide the right solar system for your application.


Why Solazone?

— Solazone has been installing Solar Power since 1983

Just feel at ease – our experienced and highly-trained specialists, take those extra steps to care for your home before, during and after installation. Solazone is fully licensed & insured for your total protection, and performance & satisfaction are guaranteed.

When you choose Solazone as your supplier and installer, you can rest assured that the work and the equipment supplied will be of the best quality, and that we are investing in your customer relationship for the long term.

Contact Solazone today on (03) 9808 7337 or (07) 54488304.  We are always happy to answer your questions.

You are encouraged to leave a message here. We always strive for the best, and value your feedback

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