Stecca Regulators

Stecca Regulators


Stecca Solsum Regulators

Steca-Solsum 8.8 regulator

Reliable basic regulators that have lights indicating charging, and 3 levels of battery state of charge. They also have load control terminals that will disconnect a load if the battery reaches low voltage, thus protecting the battery from over-discharge.

Model Prices 2021
Solsum 0606 12/24 volt 6.6 amp – with low voltage load disconnect $60
Solsum 0808 12/24 volt 8.8 amp – with low voltage load disconnect $75
Solsum 1010 12/24 volt 10 amp – with low voltage load disconnect $90


Stecca PR Series Regulators

Stecca PR Series regulators

Stecca PR Series regulators

Great regulators, because they are accurate, switch on the positive, so are ideal for mobile applications, and they tell you everything that you need to know. They are fully temperature compensated, with constant voltage PWM series charging, include reverse current blocking at night, low power consumption & high efficiency.

Steca PR Model Description Prices 2021
PR1515 Solar Regulator 12/24V 15A with LCD $220
PR2020-IP Solar Regulator 12/24V 20A LCD IP65 Enclosure $290
PR3030 Solar Regulator 12/24V 30A with LCD $270
PRTEMP Temperature Sensor Steca Regulator


Steca Solarix MPPT Regulators 3020 & 5020




Model Prices 2021
Solsum Solarix-MPPT-3020 12/24 volt 30 amp – with low voltage load disconnect $320
Solsum Solarix-MPPT-5020 12/24 volt 50 amp – with low voltage load disconnect $680



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