Duramax Power Batteries

Duramax Power Batteries


Duramax 120Ah Lithium battery

Duramax Power is a Lithium battery delivering on dependable and high-performance, Lithium Batteries. 

These batteries are manufactured using best practices and in turn, will deliver to a high standard.

Supported by a 5 Year warranty.

Duramax Power are known for taking pride and perfection in the manufacturing of specialised high-end Lithium Batteries.   We want you the customer to know that you have the best Lithium Battery your money can buy when you purchase the Duramax Power Brand.

At Duramax Power we understand there will always be cheaper and certainly more expensive Lithium battery on today’s market. You’ve worked hard and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. With Duramax Power you get the BEST battery your money can buy. At an Affordable price,

You know with your Duramax Power Lithium Battery, you have the highest tested A+ grade prismatic cells and premium BMS, giving you a high continuous discharge rate, creating more power.  Add all the high-standard components and meticulous testing at every stage of the manufacturing process that goes into producing your Duramax Power Lithium Battery.

3 sizes available:  12 volt, 100 Ah, 120 Ah, and 150 Ah.

Duramax Power 100Ah Specifications

Duramax Power 120Ah Specifications

Duramax Power 150Ah Specifications


Prices January 2023

Duramax Power  DMZ100 12 volt 100 Ah 325 x 175 x 171 high 12 kg $800
Duramax Power  DMZ130 12 volt 130 Ah 345 x 190 x 245 high 14.5 kg $915
Duramax Power  DM150 12 volt 150 Ah 345 x 190 x 245 high 16 kg $1180
Duramax Power DMZ200 12 volt 200 Ah 500 x 240 x 220 high 25 kg $1430


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