Exide Energystore batteries

Exide Energystore Batteries


Energystore Flooded Batteries

Heavy duty tubular positive plate batteries that are made in Germany, and assembled in Australia. They have an excellent cycle life. They come in their own non-conducting polyethylene outer containers, and don’t require any separate battery spill trays.

Our experience with these batteries has been that they are terrific batteries that stand up well to transportation to remote sites, and the tough Australian outback conditions.   We have been installing these batteries as our preferred choice for many years now.

Exide Energystore battery Exide Energystore battery

The Energystore battery from Exide Technologies has a proven track record in Australian RAPS. It has been performing in remote and harsh areas of Australia for over 20 years. That’s because it is designed and assembled in Australia specifically for our unique conditions.


  • Available in 4 volt, 6 volt and 8 volt batteries in trays, with capacities up to 2200Ah.
  • Excellent cycle life: 1500 cycles to 80% Depth Of Discharge.
    (2500 cycles to 505 DOD, 3300 cycles to 30% DOD, 4500 cycles to 10% DOD)
  • Large electrolyte reservoir – less frequent maintenance.
  • Electrolyte level indicator included on each cell.
  • Robust tubular positive plates.
  • Leak-proof non-conducting polyethylene outer tray.
  • Easy to transport and assemble.
  • Long life and low maintenance.
  • Excellent prices.
  • Optional automated/manual single point watering system, available at extra cost.
  • Optional lid, for protection from the elements, at an extra cost.
  • Ideally suited for, and well used in solar, wind, micro-hydro, diesel and hybrid applications.


A/hr @ C100
L x W x H mm
8RP670NX2 8 volt 670 Ahr 528 x 260 x 570 100 kg
6RP830NX2 6 volt 830 Ahr 528 x 260 x 570 110 kg
6RP1080NX2 6 volt 1080 Ahr 528 x 260 x 570 143 kg
4RP1330NX2 4 volt 1330 Ahr 370 x 308 x 670 120 kg
4RP1600NX2 4 volt 1600 Ahr 370 x 308 x 670 140 kg
4RP1800NX2 4 volt 1800 Ahr 370 x 308 x 670 160 kg
4RP1950NX2 4 volt 1950 Ahr 450 x 308 x 800 160 kg
4RP2200NX2 4 volt 2200 Ahr 450 x 308 x 800 180 kg

All links, bolts, safety covers and safety signage are included.

Designed for a life of 3300 cycles to 30% DOD

How to clean corroded battery terminals 


Energystore Gel Batteries

Energystore-gel battery

The Sonnenschein Dryfit EPzV series is developed specifically for applications where cycling is required. It has exceptional value in addition to robust reliability, This range is the ideal energy source for medium to large residential homes, industrial solar systems, holiday and weekend houses, wind power stations, as well as for other safety equipment power supplies.

  • Maintenance-free, valve-regulated battery technology, electrolyte is fixed in a gel
  • Maintenance-free, no topping up during the entire service life of the battery
  • No contamination or corrosion due to liquid electrolyte
  • Very low self-discharge
  • Recycleable


EPzV Energystore Gel Rated Capacity
L x W x H mm
 6ESPV700  2v  676Ah@C100 168 x 208 x 484
 6ESPV900  2v  830Ah@C100 147 x 208 x 658
 8ESPV1200  2v  1110Ah@C100 212 x 193 x 658
 10ESPV1500  2v  1380Ah@C100 212 x 235 x 658
 12ESPV1800  2v  1660Ah@C100 212 x 277 x 658
 12ESPV2000  2v  1904Ah@C100 212 x 277 x 809

Designed for a life of 4000 cycles to 30% DOD

Energystore Gel – Download specification sheet & brochure



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