Aerogen Wind Generators

Aerogen (LVM) Wind Generators


New LVM wind turbines are no longer being produced.  However, we may be able to assist with some spare parts from remaining stock


Aerogen (LVM) Wind Generators


Aerogen 4

Produces more power for the cruising yachtsman and static and mobile caravans.

Aerogen 4

  • Powerful design with thousands in use worldwide
  • Suitable for Cruising Yachtsmen as well as static and mobile caravans
  • Ideal on a 10M boat to provides power for engine and domestic batteries
  • High efficiency alternator
  • Robust and maintainance free
  • Starts charging 0.5A at 8 Knots, Maximum windspeed of 60 knots gives 20A

It can provide sufficient power for cruising yachts with significant electrical equipment – even refrigeration.

Safe in storms as it is self-limiting. Mounting for 1″ or 1.5″ tube.

aero4gen manual


Aerogen 6

The powerful Aerogen is the ideal unit for liveaboard yachtsmen, and for applications with high power usage.

  • Ideal for the live aboard yachtsmen and applications with high consumption
  • Optimised to produce high outputs safely and continuously
  • High efficiency alternator
  • Robust and maintainance free
  • Starts charging 0.5A at 6.5 Knots, Maximum windspeed of 45 knots gives 30A
  • Should NOT be left unattended at windspeeds above 45 Knots

Starts charging 0.25 amps at 6.5 knots, produces 4 amps at 12 knots and 10 amps at 20 knots.
It is optimised to maintain continuous high outputs at higher wind speeds.
It operates safely and continuously in 45 knot winds, producing 30 amps (12 V) or 15 amps (24 V), but above that it requires some manual control, and therefore is not suitable for unattended applications.

Fan diameter 1220 mm Turning diameter 1300 mm Weight: 15.14 kg

aero6gen manual


Voltage regulators

Voltage regulators and diode units are available for single, twin and triple battery sets.

When the batteries reach full charge the power produced is diverted to a wire wound resistor and dissipated as heat, thus ensuring the wind generator is loaded at all times. Aerogen4 Regulator for two batteries

  • A twin battery regulator which will limit the output of the wind charger and prevent overcharging of two batteries or battery banks.
  • Can be used to charge three batteries in conjuction with 4DU diode unit
  • Compatible with TWC Adverc
  • Built in temperature compensation 25mV/degC
Aerogen Model Watts Rated Output Max output
Aerogen 4 – 12 v 96 8 Amps 15 Amps @ 40 knots
Aerogen 4 – 24 v 96 4 Amps 7.5 Amps @ 40 knots
Aerogen 6 – 12 v 240 20 Amps 30 Amps @ 45 knots
Aerogen 6 – 24 v 240 10 Amps 15 Amps @ 45 knots



Aftermarket new replacement Aerogen Blade sets.


LVM aftermarket Hub and Blade Set

LVM aftermarket Hub and Blade Set

  • We have come to the end of the genuine LVM replacement blades stocks and many are still asking for replacements.
  • As a service to our customers, we have sourced a supply of aftermarket replacement hub and blades.
  • We have options to suit the LVM 50, LVM 3, LVM 4 and LVM 6 wind turbines.
  • These are all only available with a 6 blade configuration.The blades are slightly shorter in length, however, the hub is slightly larger in diameter which equates to the same overall diameter.
LVM Aerogen aftermarket blades

LVM Aerogen aftermarket blades are shorter and stronger


Prices at June 2023

Regulator (LVM4TB12) suites Aerogen 4 – 12 v (if stock remains) $532
Regulator (LVM6TB12) suites Aerogen 6 – 12 v (if stock remains) $532
Regulator (LVM6TB24) suites Aerogen 6 – 24 v (if stock remains) $550
Aftermarket Hub and 6-Blade set LVM 50, 3 and 4 $836
Aftermarket Hub and 6-Blade set LVM 6 $968
Aftermarket set of stainless steel fasteners (replaces zinc) $65


Download brochure here.



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