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Luxpower 5kw hybrid inverter

Luxpower 5kw Hybrid Inverter for highly efficient Solar Energy Storage Systems

The latest design for solar energy storage, a 5kw hybrid inverter that is suitable for on-grid, off-grid solar and back-up solar power systems. 
Use it on single-phase or three-phase, and it can be installed in parallel to make larger 10kw and 15kw solar power systems with storage and back-up.  All monitoring is available on the phone app, and through the internet. 
Come and inspect the demonstration inverter that is installed and running the factory in off-grid mode at our Queensland warehouse.
The Luxpower 5kw Hybrid inverter is a fully programmable smart solar energy storage system, designed to increase the usage of your solar energy production and to reduce the cost of buying power from the grid.
It features compact size, outdoor IP65 rating, and enhanced EmergencyPower Supply operation, and it also has Remote Monitoring & Maintenance functions already built-in.

This product is available from the factory in a range of 3kW – 5kW models, however, we specialise in supply and service of the 5kw model here in Australia.   Other models can be ordered for special applications, supplied directly from the factory.

These smart-controlled solar and energy storage inverters have the following features and advantages:

  1. Smarter mode switching for better backup/EPS/UPS applications.  Switching from on-grid mode to off-grid/EPS mode takes place within 0.01 seconds when a grid blackout suddenly occurs.    This makes sure that important loads will not be affected by sudden grid changes.
  2. Flexible and programmable working modes.   The inverter can be set to operate in different working modes, making it more suitable for various system applications.   By simply setting it on the inverter itself, or by APP and monitoring platform, the user can set the system to a mode which is customized to suit your specific case.
  3. Better yield and higher efficiency.    The operating efficiency is among the highest of all similar types of inverter on the market.   With a wide input voltage range and the lowest power loss under high ambient temperature, it can increase the yield and efficiency of the whole solar system significantly.   *This inverter’s output power derating is at 60℃,  which is 20% lower than most others, which are mostly derated at 50℃ or less.
  4. Reliability and stability.    More than 350 tests were carried out on this inverter to make sure that the functional performance, safety, and lifespan is better than other models on the market.
  5. Remote monitoring and upgrading function is built-in.   This means the performance can be remotely monitored, and if any adjustments need to be made, they can often be done without even visiting the site.
  6. Better cost control based on updated technology, which means better performance for you, at a lower cost.
  7. Compatible with most lithium-ion battery brands on the market, and also supports lead-acid AGM and Gel battery connection.   Recently we have also complied with all recommendations for the Pylon Tech battery.

Luxpower connection diagram


Specifications:  LuxPower Product Catalogue


Although there are various size models manufactured, at this stage we only supply the 5kw model, which has a backup load capacity of 3.5kw when the grid goes down.  The rest of the time the unit is capable of producing a reliable 4.6kw of power directly from the solar panels.

Price: $2850

This is for a complete battery-ready 5kw hybrid inverter with a 5-year warranty.


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