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Ascon MS3D Automatic Controller

Ascon MS3D automatic controller

Ascon MS3D automatic controller

Multi Solar Controller

The MS3D is a standard differential solar pump controller for solar pool heating.

It can be used on any solar pool heating system and is designed to give you year-round automatic control of your system.

The MS3D has pool and roof sensors that detect the sun’s heat and compare your pool temperature to your preset “comfort” temperature to decide when to heat the pool.

Unique features:

  • Digital Display – easy to read pool & roof temps, and comfort level, day and night.
  • Dual Probes – two probes for greater accuracy and control.
  • Winter Mode – runs the pump daily during the winter to prevent pump lock-up.
  • Tropical Mode – allows cooling of the pool overnight, during summer in the tropics
  • Calibration – calibration of the temperature probes is possible on site.
  • Lightning Protection – sensors have lightning protection built-in
  • Smart – self – diagnostic error display if not functioning properly
  • UV stable – IP23-rated housing and sensor wires are UV stabilised
  • Easy Installation – simply screw to the wall and install and connect the two sensors

Operating Voltage – 240 Volts AC +/- 10%
Current Consumption – 0.02 Amps with pump off
Power Consumption – 5 Watts with pump off
Operating Temperature Range – 0 – 45 Deg C
Operating Humidity Range – 95% R.H. non-condensing.
Pump Relay – Rated to switch a 1.5 HP 240-volt motor.
Housing – UV Stabilised plastic

This equipment is not designed to be installed out in the weather.   It must be protected from the rain at all times, and must not be installed within 3 metres of the swimming pool.


See Installation & operating instructions here



Space Age SC3D Automatic Controller

solar controller sc3d

The SC3D  is a microprocessor-based controller for heating your pool/spa from any solar collector.

The controller senses the temperature on the roof and compares it with the temperature of the pool. If the roof temperature rises 7° above the pool temperature and the pool temperature is below the set point then the controller switches on the solar pump.

If the pool temperature rises 1° above the set point, or the roof temperature falls to within 2° of the pool water temperature, the controller will switch off the solar pump.


– Sample and Hold Temperature Display

– Simple one-touch buttons

– Pool, set point, and roof temperature display

– Winter mode

– Manual mode

– Heating/Cooling Mode

– Temperature sensor error indication

INPUT: 230/240V 10A 50Hz


SC3D controller instructions



Dontek Automatic Temperature Controllers

Aquasun 2

Dontek Aquasun 2


Dontek Aquasmart controller

Dontek Aquasmart 5 controller


The Aquasmart 5 is a premium automatic solar controller with temperature adjustment, manual, cooling and standby mode features.

Solar controller installation diagram


Aquasmart 5-RP controller

Aquasmart 5-RP controller

The AQUASMART 5RP is a premium automatic solar controller with temperature adjustment, manual, cooling and standby mode features.

 Wireless remote roof sensor – Solar Panel (PV)


Aquasmart 5-RP controller


Prices October 2023


Ascon MS3D solar controller $395
Replacement Pool Sensor – Brass housing pool sensor, 1.8 metre wire $78
Replacement Roof Sensor – UV stable plastic housing roof sensor, 24 metres wire $95
SC3D microprocessor-based solar controller $595
Replacement Pool Sensor = 1.5m lead $85
Replacement Roof Sensor – 15m lead $110
Dontek Aquasun 2 $610
Dontek Aquasmart 5 controller $875
Aquasmart 5-RP wireless controller with remote solar panel & sensor $1475


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