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PowerPlus Energy lithium batteries


Designed and manufactured in Australia, this lithium energy storage system is flexible and easy to install.

Powerplus battery cabinet

PowerPlus Energy is a technology-based company focused on the development of reliable, long-lasting energy storage solutions for commercial and residential applications.
PowerPlus Energy’s market-leading designs allow for simple operation whilst maximising life, providing a long-lasting investment.
With a focus on reliability and longevity, PowerPlus Energy’s design philosophies incorporate the use of appropriate technologies suited to the application with a design flair that pleases the eye.
PowerPlus Energy is proud of its commitment to Australian manufacturing where currently the production of the 2RU19 LiFe, Eco and Wall Series products are constructed.


PowerPlus LiFe-Premium-4833P-battery

PowerPlus LiFe-Premium-4833P-battery


Reliability that looks at home, offering you superior performance, for all your commercial, industrial, defence, humanitarian, automotive and residential applications.

The self-managed LFP battery with internal BMS offers you a safe lithium option for any solution that requires reliability, ease of use and a product that outperforms others.

With 24, 48, 120VDC models and being infinitely scalable, applications for the LiFe Series battery are endless.

Solar and storage, battery backup, energy shifting, peak lopping, UPS, telecommunications, AC coupling, DC coupling, off-grid and on-grid.

No application is too big or too small.

Built to the highest quality standards, incorporating components of exceptional reliability and durability,  our Australian manufactured LiFe Series is engineered to outperform and outlast its competitors.

The impressive specifications and performance come with a 10-year warranty when installed and used as set out in our warranty document and manuals.


Model Capacity Prices May 2020
LiFe2433P  24 volt 3.3 kwh $3550
LiFe4833P  48 volt 3.3 kwh $3550
LiFe12033P  120 volt 3.3 kwh $3800





Powerplus 48-volt lithium battery

Powerplus 48-volt lithium battery


Greater efficiency – available in 12-volt, 24-volt and 48-volt models

Manufactured using cylindrical energy cells allow greater heat dissipation when under load.

Use up to 100% of total capacity.

Up to 10 time faster charge time than sealed lead acid

Greater than 96% charge efficiency

Captures and stores more solar PV than sealed lead acid


No venting gasses

Safe LFP (lithium ferro phosphate (LiFePO4) technology

Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) – allowing charging on most standard battery chargers and vehicle alternators.

BMS will protect from over/under voltage, over current, over-temperature and short circuit

Reliability and longevity

Designed using cylindrical cells for greater reliability,  and heat dissipation

One third the weight and less than half the volume than that of sealed lead acid

Superior cycle life when compared to sealed lead acid

Rated for extreme temperature conditions


Ideal for Caravan and motor home applications

Ideal for secondary vehicle battery

Ideal for street lighting and industrial applications

Ideal for off-grid solar applications

Can be charged using most standard lead-acid battery chargers

If the charger can be adjusted to suit battery voltages, then this will maximise the life


Model Capacity Prices May 2020
LiFe1213N  12 volt 100Ah $1380
LiFe2413N  24 volt 50Ah $1380
LiFe4814N  48 volt 25Ah $1380



Powerplus eco-battery

Powerplus eco-battery


The affordable, 4kwhr Self Managed LFP battery with internal BMS that offers you a safe lithium option for any solution that required reliability, ease of use and a product that outperforms others.  This 48-volt ECO battery is infinitely scalable so no application is too big or too small.

Offering economy of scale whilst maintaining reliability and durability, allows you confidence that the ECO series will keep powering on.

The Impressive specifications and performance come with a 10-year Pro-rata warranty when installed and used as set out in our warranty documents and manual.

So when our Premium Series is out of reach, turn with confidence to the PowerPlus Energy ECO Series.


Model Capacity Prices May 2020
ECO4840P  48 volt 4 kwh $3300

Eco-Series Specifications


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